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Microsoft Just Killed the Crusader Ai Village Editor

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Microsoft changed what the F1 key does: it pulls open the Bing browser (eww) and opens a useless help file. (why????)

In the Stronghold Crusader AIV editor, F1 did a critical function: SAVING the file in progress. I believe Firefly was a bit lazy when they designed the AIV editor because they didn't think that anyone would be using it nearly 20 years later - the AIV editor does not have a save file button!

Anyone know a way around this issue? Do I need to install Windows XP on my computer? 

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Backup plan: Is it possible to re-configure your keyboard function keys? This probably depends on exactly what kind of computer you have as it's normally specific to each model. You might have to take a look at your manual, but it should be possible to change them.

Another issue which can sometimes occur, is that "F" keys can sometimes toggle. Try pressing the F1 key + the function key which can provide the correct function for you if just pressing the relevant "F" key does not work. If the F1 + Function key does work, this is often something that can be reversed in the BIOS.

There will definitely by a way to reverse this change, it might be worth taking a look at your machine to see what changes have occurred recently as well, and see if any of those might have affected anything.


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I figured it out. I found a little online utility that changed the registry key for F1 to disable Microsoft's newest change.

The next step is to press the fn key to turn the F keys back on. And Crusader AIV Editor works again! Woohoo!

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