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Unofficial Crusader Patch

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Hey guys, a lot of good stuff have come from Germany, especially when it comes to Stronghold Crusader, and now comes another one. I don't know if other have noticed it already, but I have noticed it now. Here's the link for the Unofficial Crusader Patch.



There you may see the list of changes, and I trust everything works great. I'm not going to use it myself because of multiplayer games, but this does offer what I was dreaming about! One is the ability to change the starting troops in the game, so you may pick to start with crossbowmen and pikemen for example instead of with archers and spearmen. Also, in the guy from apothecary CAN HEAL INJURED UNITS. Crazy, ha? :D


There are many other changes that consider gameplay, and many of them can be switched on or off. You may change everything regarding economy and popularity to be like in Stronghold 1 in one click.


You may set the game so that, when the AI storms the castle with every attacking unit he has when he sees an opportunity (a breached castle).


It has some new castles. I'm not sure whether they are good enough, but that change can easily be undone. Or you may choose to fix Nizar, and leave the rest of them as they are, because Nizar's castle surely is very ineffective. (In some of them workers need to walk a full circle around his castle to bring their goods, that slows his economy as hell.)


They also made that AI repair their damaged towers, and even slightly damaged walls.


You may set the AI to attack the closest enemy, so that his troops wouldn't get crippled by another lord while on their way to attack somebody far from their castle. AI lords can attack with much larger force too!


To sum it up. God, I don't know why hasn't Firefly employed this guy! He has obviously NOTICED a lot of stuff, even like Wazir not buying bread, and he FIXED IT. You may go ahead at his Github page, some stuff are in German, but mostly in both German and English, and and see what this patch offers by reading the change logs for all versions of his patch. He has been doing this since 2018. WHAT HE HAS MADE IS PURE GOLD!


EDIT: Actually, it seams it's a team, not a single developer. That's what is said at the GitHub page.

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Hey guys, check out this video. If you don't have much time, just skip to the last minute where Abbot attacks and kills Caliph. From this video you can see how good job they are doing with the Unofficial Crusader Patch.

First, both Abbot and Caliph have stronger castles. Then, Abbot uses pikemen and swordsmen beside monks. He even uses siege towers. And finally, when you see the last battle, you will notice how larger armies are gathered, and it appears to me that the AI is much smarter when attacking; he goes straight to kill, not sending his troops all around.

Though, the other thing one could notice is that two patches are applied here - Stronghold Europe (or Stronghold Germany, as it's called here, I don't know if there's a difference), and the Unofficial Crusader Patch.

The Unofficial Crusader Patch has become quite popular, it seems. Even Firefly has made a video on YouTube about it few weeks ago.


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