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  1. I know it's been a while since I have come around, but I figured all of you fine Stronghold Lords would like a greeting during the holidays, nice of Nigel to start a thread for us. A Very Merry Christmas and a Great New year to all!
  2. Unfortunately you will have the same problem I have, several maps with months of work into them that do not work because of the bugs in the game and editor, not happy about this. I like this game and I like the editor to, but the bugs just destroy and joy found in the game:-(
  3. I made a map with an enemy castle and a village compound, there is a fair distance for the enemy to attack from, they come about half way and turn around and go back to the enemy keep, I thought it might be distance so I cut a trail through the hills to cut the walk almost in half, but they still come a way then turn back to the keep, I saw this happen on the map you sent me to. This map was made just before the winter update and worked OK, then after the update it would not work and no map I've made with an enemy castle has worked since, also on my map the peasants go to work then turn back to the keep, after a long time they do fill the work stations, my village compound works great though. A thought I have had is to make a village that is as strong as a castle and use that as an enemy castle you have to siege, an example of a strong village can be seen on the map called "Two Cities", a skirmish map in the downloads. If you would like to see the map I made, maybe you could find a solution, send an email asking for it and I will send it over, I have remade and fixed and prodded, rescripted, you name it I think I tried it, even cut a path through the hill to make the distance way shorter for the enemy to get to my castle.
  4. Thanks Mathew, you could always take the thread and turn it into another great tutorial if you like. Andreas9541, I checked your map, and the AI does get workers but calls them back to the keep, not sure why, I have several invasion scenarios with AI castles on them and none will work.:-( The only invasion scenarios that I have manged to get working properly are the maps with no AI castle on them and free build maps with invasion triggers. Sorry but for now we have to live with making war scenarios that are invasions only, no AI castles on the map, and that really sucks, maybe we can figure it out one day, no hope of Firefly helping:-( Another thing to think about, when you make a map, smaller is better and less clutter, I say this to help keep the lag to a minimum, your large map started to lag on me, even the small invasion maps that I've made have lag on them when the troops start coming, and my PC is within specs.
  5. Do you have an AI castle on the map, if so it will not work. Not sure why but when you add in an AI castle the invasions tend to go to the AI castle keep. I have several maps with months of work, an enemy castle, and they do not work, some invasions start to head to your castle, then turn around and go to the enemy castle keep. :-( The only invasion scenarios that I've managed to get working are when the invasions are set to invade you and there are no other castles on the map, and free build maps with invasion triggers. You can send me the map if you like!
  6. You mean the amount of days, send me the map, I can take a run at it and give you a time, click on my email.
  7. It's the same editor as the SH3 editor, you can open a new map in SH3 and it closes properly in SH3. Very annoying but it's what we have for now, maybe Firefly will fix the problem one day!
  8. Good going, glad to see my answers have been enough to get you started on a map. Normally, you would ask for testers in our volunteer section, but as this is your first map and I'm helping you to get going, you can send the map directly to me through my email and I will take a look at it, but lets keep the comments here, they help others as well. For the win, did you tell the editor which Lord is killed for the win? For me to find out why the workers don't work, best to send me the map and see if I can see what is going on. Welcome!
  9. Some of those were quite lame, some were good, crossbows-"get going or I will rip your arm off and hit you with the soggy end" I think that is close to what is said, maybe that will jog someones memory. Some you don't see or hear very often is the bandits, 'Ah You again" in an angry voice.
  10. First off, I apologize for the delay in answering. To place a lollypop eg: G1 flag, on the left you see 8 colors, click green, on the right you see numbers 1-8, to get a G1 flag placed on the map, you click green then 1 then place flag, then place the flag where you want it on the map, do the same for the rest of the markers. These are the marker flags the AI uses to move troops to where you want them, use G1 for where you want the troops to come onto the map, then place a G2 flag where you want the troops to assemble before attacking. The AI tab is still a mystery to me, I did use some Harras flags and another AI marker on Chundra and it does sort of work, we need to learn more about that tab. The events tab, to have repeating events you would use these, 5 is default, change them to what ever value you want, 2 choices here, the amount of repeating events you want and how many days between events, so you want to have an invasion come onto the map 3 times every 10 days, set the repeat to 3 and the days to 10, you can use this for most events I think. The 'is idle' button, not sure about that one, only thing to do is give it a test and see what happens. The editor is complicated enough, don't be sorry, there is no info to tell what all of the features in the editor are for and this is a different editor than I'm used to, it's all a new learning curve, but the more we ask and try, the more we learn! If you make a map and can not get it to work, then, I might be able to get it working for you, just ask then you can send it to me for a look, please do not post a map until you are sure it works properly. We would be happy to have more maps in the downloads, hope to see something soon.
  11. Congratulations Aleks, nice map! I do have to say I'm a little disappointed in myself, I went to a lot of trouble to get my map to be what I thought you guys described, even went as far as making it a war scenario from the story you guys wrote so you could win your castle back, I was quite happy with it, goes to show what I know:-) Do we get to see the other maps submitted? Just curious.
  12. The marker tab contains some confusing stuff and FireFly does not want to help with it, they give no answers. I am more than willing to help you to know as much as I do on scripting invasions, lets see if we can get you making great maps. The Generics tab has your marker flags, they set where your troops come on the map and where they will go, so you need to place a, eg: blue 1 flag where the invasions come onto the map and a second blue 2 flag where you want the troops to gather before attacking. I place this flag just out of range of the castle defenses. The Pathing tab has your invasion marker chains, double click pathing and you get chain, double click chain and you get an invasion marker, place this invasion marker where you want to have the invasions invade, I usually place the marker in front of the keep marker. There is more to the invasion markers, but lets work with this for now. Sorry, but I never played the campaigns, I went straight to making maps and invasion maps, Chundra is the hardest map, most of my other maps are a little easier, this Chundra map is made in different difficulties, the hard map in our downloads has Harass troops scripted to attack the mines, is this the map you played? Jungle Fever has invasions coming from 2 different spots on the map. Your welcome to download my scenario maps to see how I did the scripting. I also have a map that is a free play map that has invasion triggers so you can test your castles defenses, it's called Free Falls, you will find that once you learn how to make the maps and do the scripting, the ideas for maps is almost limitless. I'm still getting troubles when I script a war scenario that has an enemy castle prebuilt on it, the invaders sometimes go part way out then turn around and go to the enemy keep and stay there. I still need to figure that one out and also how to use the markers in the AI tab.
  13. I think you could repair the door, but now that people have had a chance to siege the castle, the second try should be the one to get every one to the next level. And get the needed 500 in gold! Nigel, do you have time to fix the door? I would think you might be busy cleaning up on the keep after having several Lords looking you in the eye upon your keep as you defended:-) Good Luck to every one on the second attempt! A quick question, do you plan on showing a picture procured by your scouts of the lvl 2 map when you get to that point?
  14. Well unfortunately there is no tutorial on scripting for Crusader 2. Just the basic map editor tutorial they came out with a few months ago and it's not about scripting. I did manage to figure out how to get the invasions to work, most of the time. Open the markers panel, go to the marker tab and you will see 3 tabs, Generic, AI, Pathing, click on the Pathing tab, then double click pathing, double click chain, then place the Pathing marker in the territory you want the AI to attack. Now go back to the markers tab and place a start flag and a flag where you want the invasion to gather to attack. The start flag is where the invasion comes onto the map and they go to the next flag where the invasion will start from. I have had some success with Harass troops, here I put a second pathing marker , by double clicking the pathing again, in the mines with a Harass troops gather here flag, some times the invasions will go to the mines and do other damage than going straight to the keep. Hope that helps, if more is needed ask again. I have made a few maps with an enemy castle as well as your estate, some times the invasions will head toward your castle then stop and turn around and go to the enemy keep and just patrol back and forth without ever attacking you, not sure why they do that.
  15. Congratulations to Crusader1307, your work on the history has been exceptional, a great addition to the site.
  16. To bad about the Lord coming along by mistake, Lord Paul, I have made the same mistake in testing, sounds like you would have won on the first try! Congratulations on your victory Blobka, you managed to get the victory with all of the gold used, good win for the extra 1000 gold going towards your final score:-) I'm very happy to hear that you guys enjoyed sieging my castle, don't worry level 2 will be harder, but we do give you more gold to play with.
  17. That's great Nigel, the best of luck to you! Maybe there will be a few more entries.
  18. There should be one entry in the mail box, sent this morning!
  19. The economy is easy in SH2, getting the pop up is easy to, when I first started learning the game these were real problems, then I starting making my own war scenarios and just left them out, now I find myself adding some back in once in a while, you should try a few of my war scenarios and see if your systems works on those! If your people get angry with you and leave your castle, just buy food set to double for a bit, or let it drop to 0 then wait a bit and it will automatically come back to 70.
  20. I do like version 1.3.1 and would like to keep it as the main sh2, but what happens is some people stay with 1.3.1 and most go to 1.4.1, being a mod I do have to stay with popular. 1.3.1 has a lot better game play and looks than version 1.4.1, they made this for online play and added a bunch of unnecessary extras to the game that ruined it, to bad, but that's the way things go! 1.4 came out, 1.4.1 came out the next day to fix 1.4 !
  21. Good to see so many people eager to siege my castles, all 3 castles levels are done now, level 3 needs one more test to be sure. -Fail Session has been added. This has been a long hard project, many hours went into making the 3 levels and testing them and making adjustments to get them just right, I believe that you will be comfortably challenged, each level gets harder but none are to hard that a good player can't win all levels. But who will have the most gold at the end for the win! Good Luck to all contestants!
  22. We all start out with the problem of dealing with crime gong and rats, but once you learn how to deal with them then it's an easy thing to do. Gong- 3 or 4 gong pits around the castle will do the job. Rats- 2 falconers one by the granary and one across the way from it. I usually use one. Crime- one court house close to the guards post one guards post close to either your housing or the granary, the thieves go from the houses to the granary and back, next set up 3 gibbets and no more crime problem, add more as your castle increases in size. Or make a custom scenario and script them out of the picture completely! Maybe I should make a map where gong rats and crime are turned all the way up to hard and lets see you deal with these problems, throw in some diseases and you have a real time on your hands:-)
  23. Trebs or Cats, I like the trebs because they take less stone, 2 trebs can do a lot of damage to a castle, my main goal is to open a gate, but also to knock down a few towers to relieve the range units, I usually use a ram for the gate but trebs do the job. When the gate has been taken down I would move in with about 80-100 swordsmen after my melee units removed a few more archers, and they move in behind the swordsmen to help them, sometimes I might attack with about 100 horse archers first then come in with swordsmen or maybe 50-60 assassins. I like to change things up just to make things interesting, like going in with only spearmen, or horse archers, that takes a lot of spearmen depending on who your attacking, but with time on your hands anything can be affective! I did notice someone saying how the Slingers are not any use, I would have to disagree with that, lots of the war scenarios that I make are quite hard and you are getting invaded early on and don't have an economy set up yet, about 20-30 Slingers by the keep supporting a few melee units can save the day! Of course these comments are about Crusader as I don't play SH1 very often. Edit: we could have a good game going with Candhar in Extreme, 3 allies against 2 allied enemy units with 4 outposts each, we do not get an outpost, this is a hard challenging map, after some time goes by the AI outposts start to produce a large amount of troops making sieging them and defending a little difficult.
  24. Keeping up to date, the final Level 3 map is done, just need to test and do a few adjustments if needed. The contest has been announced and should be ready to start soon, so practice your sieging skills, it should be a fun contest, sieging against a live defender will be a little different than sieging an AI opponent.
  25. Well that sounds like an interesting contest, kind of hard to get an entry in by January 21 though:-) Are staff members allowed to enter and is there any picture of the castle or is this completely custom? Can we use a small map for this?
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