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  1. Okay I want to cheat by editing the 'trails' maps. How to I do it? I want to unlock legends - all the maps. It's simple in Stronghold 2 but I cannot do it Legends. I assume it's do-able but how? I searched the 'net and one link said use Excel (believe it or not I have office 97). It did open it (eventually) but revealed only symbols. I did download the ?'ultimate bundle' of saves - but don't know how to use them or if they will even allow editing. Any help from here will certainly be appreciated. Also a logical reason why Firefly is so paranoid about players unlocking the maps would be interesting to hear. LS
  2. It will all work out well for Britain eventually. Once the bankers and big corporations work the angles again for their financial advantage - it won't take them long - they are very clever at turning a profit. They'll just use the their media outlets to tell you that everything's okay and people will happily borrow more and get further in debt, making their banks and big biz profits rise to astronomical heights again and stocks markets will get back to 'normal'. If Wales does succeed, what will happen to the Prince of Wales? He burnt the toast and the fire burned down his house? LS
  3. Ah, those poor bankers and stock market gamblers.. don't you feel sorry for them?? Their dreams of making even bigger fortunes have been interrupted by Brexit. They must be suffering so badly and may even have to hock their yachts. My heart goes out to them maybe we should all take a banker to lunch today. How awful it is now that the British will have to go back to making their own decisions. LS
  4. Stronghold 3... from a fanatic of Stronghold 2's point of view. I find it very annoying to play on my computer because even after cranking the resolution and the graphics way down - it still runs so slow that it's hard to move troops to useful positions when attacked (re bandits in Chapter 4 (or is it 3?) of the peace campaign. The lag between mouse movement and reaction time is too long to enjoy the game. I've tried several times to 'get into' the game but it just runs too slow *my video card is only a 2gb Nvidia 430 so that may be why.? I think Firefly needs new leadership and more savvy programmers. Can we not crowdfund this directionless company before it's forgotten?
  5. I grew up in (at the time) the largest city in the world... London,England. At our house we had gas lights. Later when I was about 8 we got electricity, lights bulbs in all the rooms and a radio (BBC). One day a laundromat opened nearby and I saw a washing machine. Still later when I was 11 years old I saw my first television... it showed the Queens coronation. When I was 13 I got an electric record player - one that I did not have to replace the needle every two or three records, nor did it need winding up to play. When I was 14 I got a six transistor radio and that was the greatest new technology I saw until I worked at a place with a IBM mainframe and a year or two later built my first computer (Altec) from a kit and learned how to program it - no storage, you have to reprogram it every time you turned it on. When I was 17 I saw my first color TV. ?Then along came consoles like Coleco for Pong and Atari that used a TV and let you play Space Invaders. And the greatest of all a Z80 from Sinclair. Cheap and the perfect machine to learn BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) That led me into Apple ll, Commodore etc, I opened a computer school, taught kids to program with BASIC, adults how to use word processing and spreadsheets and the rest is history... now I only have an older computer - I don't even own a cell phone! LS
  6. The world is about to get a new operating system that does not run your computer... it's called sharia law! LS?
  7. I found this thread to be very informative and definitely NOT a waste of time. Politics are exactly what you should discuss (in this thread) especially for young people who are venturing into the topic for the first time. Older folks like me had our chance to make change and because of not paying attention AND doing something to force change, we let the establishment walk all over us and bring the world to the crisis it appears to be in now. Personally i prefer independence from belonging to groups of any kind, but if you want to get something done it's impossible unless you belong to a group that has the power and money to implement changes.? The changes that are happening and those that are about to happen are basically of two minds, those that are ready to give up independence and join globalization and those that want to keep their histories and their way of life as in the past. Being an old one I hate the changes that are taking individualism away and forcing us to accept one culture... however being a realist I know it's pointless and have to accept that those whose agendas are to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else will always win because they are driven by the biggest drive of all... greed! ? LS
  8. It all boils down to money and the power that money brings. Eventually like the French, Russians, Americans, Cuba, China and just about every other large population, there will be the peoples rebellion and they will try to overthrow their oppressors. Unfortunately the young will be the ones to be in the thick of it and have to do the fighting like is expected of youth as you are more expendable ( as long as your parents breed more). At the present time, if I were taking odds, I'd say the Muslims have the future sewed up. They are motivated and breed a lot. Matthew Steele, if I were you I would emigrate to New Zealand (unwanted and relatively safe), find a a few rural acres and study how to live off the land without being dependent on the establishment. In the words of someone or the other. "Run! run far away and never look back." LS
  9. The USA's gun laws were created to give give people not only the freedom to own guns to kill each other' but to prevent any 'invaders' having the upper hand. Now that every nutjob in the USA has a gun/s, it's virtually impossible to stop the 'law abiding' citizens from protecting themselves from these nutters with restrictive gun laws. There are laws to prevent certain people from owning a firearm however it has to be proven under those laws that these people are committing a crime. Mental instability is NOT a crime and so very little can be done. It's rather like the medieval times the ruling class did anything they want to the peasants. ?America changed all that by allowing everyone to own a gun. Naturally with so many guns around there is 'collateral' damage... Too bad, arm yourself and fight back! . The Paris concert shooting took place in a city where guns are forbidden and they have extremely tough laws to prevent gun ownership.. ? . I don't own a gun and have no wish to live in the USA. The USA is a wonderfully free but scary place. The future of the world looks grim indeed but it's just another phase in history and we need to go thru another 'crusade' and win overwhelmingly to get back to hoping for world peace. I'm not long for this world but you are, and you are going to see/experience things I wish I could protect you from, but your xbox games provide you with what will be a truth. World anarchy is around the corner. LS
  10. I assume that the lords are not balanced so as to add variety to their various capabilities. Look how fast and how many, vikings pour onto the scene with Olaf and I notice it's not that hard to beat the Bishop or Sir Grey. I would however, love to be able to set the castles, troop allocations and weapons allowed in Kingmaker. I guess I want Kingmaker to be the same as War custom with missions and all but with the same AI as Kingmaker so they all still do their best to attack and defend. LS
  11. Thanks for the comp.? Yes of course, use anything you find of mine for whatever purpose you want - no credit is necessary. . My system is an older one, I use the graphics to the fullest - 1920x1200 or thereabouts, It's not a zoom limiting type fade out it's just not allowing every type plant in large quantities. After testing this a little I find it's just too many 'items' at once... and after all, the game makers wanted all the power into the 'action' part of the game, so made a choice (rightfully so). . Right now I trying the same idea on the smaller map to see if I can 'plant' as many bushes and undergrowth without it some of it disappearing when the actual game starts. When I have done the smaller map I'll post it for you too use as an example map. LS
  12. Sorry, I did not mean to knock adolescent xboxers. But my point is that games are now made almost exclusively for mainstream markets that pay money. . Fine! That's what it is all about - I know that... so I realize that my whining about the type of game does nothing constructive. . So instead I make an appeal for you to pass along to Firefly that the EDITOR program is the most important part of their game. Ease of use and access to the AIs, models, textures, pathing and speech etc., will allow modders to create fantastic worlds and mod (re: Bethesda Software games) .Imagine! Being able to add hundreds of new models to Stronghold games? Imagine being able to easily write new scripts for the characters ? (even if you have to buy them from Firefly) Imagine an all wood castle with wooden barracks, kitchen, courthouse, etc', that can burn or be destroyed? New bridges that can be destroyed and rebuilt in game.... The customer base will rise considerably when there are hundreds or thousands of mods to enhance the game with, instead of re-doing everything with new engines making previous methods obsolete.? If firefly should bother to re-make Stronghold 2 tell them not to change a thing but merely make the game capable of handling a ton more graphics, models and AI and the ability to import them into the editor. . If I were making a game - the editor would be far more a big deal than the game that it edits. Bethesda games would never be as popular as they are without the modders that change everything that's usually terribly annoying with the standard released games. ? Modders may be a small part of the industry but without them and their free work that contantly breathes new life into old games, Bethesda's popularity would be a lot less meaning their income would probably be only half what it is. End of rant: LS
  13. After spending forever making the best looking mod ever, I find when I run it much of my decoration with natural growth bushes, assorted plants and undergrowth just disappears ?- even 'tho it all shows nicely in the editor. Obviously there is a limit to how much can be displayed during the game. . Major Bummer! Especially for me as I love painting my maps with the editor's plants etc.. I shall try to keep my lands on a small Island instead and see exactly how much I can decorate before reaching the limit. . Does anyone know or has found this out too?? . See examples of too much here:?Undergrowth I was hoping for a 12 mission type campaign like the Peace one... humm??:( LS
  14. I love the idea of these posts and could add any number of things I would like to see especially in the editor, such as an endless supply of new AI, models, textures and campaigns. . Now my rant:.... . But as is obvious Firefly has no intention of making ANY updates to SH2 and has 'apparently' dropped interest in the game because of the poor support from the gamers and especially the critics. And double that reason with the sad reception to Stronghold 3 , because they did not build it anything like SH2 and made another editor instead that is no fun to use. . I doubt very much there will be a Stronghold 4. . It's sad. Unless you are a mainstream xboxer adolescent with games that are purely and solely made for killing and blowing things up with silly spiderman acrobatics and big busty girls around in ridiculous hollywood, clothing, games like the older classics are doomed. . The only future existence this game has is from the tiny handful of modders that are able to make changes. A big thank you to the modders who lack any support from Firefly. . LS
  15. Well it's not a fix but using weeds to edge the moat with will make a big difference: See here how I 'fix' my moats Stronghold weeds :) PS to view it best go fullscreen.
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