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  1. Welcome to the forums! 😃 You should probably enable debug mode in Warlords - this is something you should always have enabled if you're playing around with the game files because it will alert you to any programming problems. It is possible that when you've changed the values, it could be causing some kind of mathematical programming error but because the game is handling it and error reporting is off, you don't know about it. To do this, locate the config.xml file in the bin/win32_release folder, and replace 0 with 1 on the following lines: <errordialog enabled=0 /> <!-- Enable/disable pop-up error/warning dialog. --> <onscreenprint enabled=0 /> <!-- Enable/disable drawing Vision::Message.Add() messages --> When you restart the game you should be notified if anything fails. If all you've changed is a certain value, it sounds as if it's reaching an upper limit the game can't exceed. Either that or the .v file itself is corrupt, which can happen sometimes if the instructions aren't followed carefully. The following guide is for Stronghold 3 but works just the same on Warlords, this is the correct way to do things: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/195-unarchiving-stronghold-3-files
  2. The files change with each version so yes, you can only use the files from the current version of the game. I noticed this before a few years ago both with Crusader 2 and Stronghold 3 (as both use the same engine). Warlords is also the same as well. I'm pleased you managed to fix it, and welcome to the forum! 🙂
  3. Sorry for the slow reply here - but I'd definitely be interested in a game sometime. My steam username is shnlordchris.
  4. That's interesting I didn't know Firefly made an SH3 version for Linux. That's quite an unexpected thing for them to do that I'm surprised at to be honest. Linux is a totally different market to Windows with a totally different audience which personally I wouldn't have expected it to have taken off on. The one good thing about Legends is the use of Dragons and magical units - I always find they really help! But they can also be really powerful and often overpower other units as well. Yeah you're correct Arthur's Challenge was only available to the Gold version owners prior to Legends coming to Steam. Personally I think it's a nice addition to the game and I've only completed it since then. I'm now in the fortunate position of being able to say I've completed all trails and missions in Stronghold Legends. Some of them were pretty tough too. I think it would be nice to be able to create your own Skirmish trails - maybe a future modding potential 😄
  5. I was going to suggest Wine actually when I first saw the title of this topic 😄 I haven't used it on SH2 personally, but I have heard it's very compatible with it. Offhand I think all Stronghold games are. I'm surprised and impressed at the amount of games that Wine will run, even very obscure ones, with hardly no issues. The problem is that Microsoft is a (shady) Corporation and has commercialised everything when everything Microsoft provides has been done better and in a more powerful, open, secure way previously. Just like the drivers for instance. Microsoft want a monopoly on the drivers because it forces people to comply with them and forces everyone to work around Microsoft. Hence increasing revenue etc because everyone always has to upgrade. There is actually an argument that Microsoft and Windows never should have taken off. It's built wrongly, it's not secure, hogs resources and it was deliberately done differently from perfectly acceptable existing solutions. It's interesting how all other major operating systems are based on Unix, even Apple Macs, and they are commercialised. The only reason Windows is as big as it is today, is because they did a deal with IBM to get Windows in as a default operating system on machines. To be honest it's so shady as to whether that was even legal it's unbelievable. The same is true with most Microsoft products to be honest, but that's probably for another thread 😅
  6. Admirable and interesting as your intentions may be @ Daerandin , this form of software is essentially a trainer, in that it's injecting code into the game memory while the game is playing. That means that this discussion is contrary to the site rules. We've had a number of similar topics in the past about these applications, and unfortunately, it wouldn't be fair to those users if this topic now remained open. I'm therefore closing the thread, but feel free to PM me with any questions you may have on the site rules. You're more than welcome to begin other discussions/share mods that don't modify the game memory or any of the compiled game files (.exe, .dll etc).
  7. That's true, I'm normally too busy stopping "someone" from trying to steal my estates to notice what my lord is doing 😄 I guess there's even things that I don't know about the game yet still! Thanks for keeping me right on this one Samir.
  8. There were a number of features in the game which were intended for the finished game, but then for whatever reason were not implemented. I think this feature was one of them. As I recall offhand there were a few things in the manual that were out of place in the final product. It's been a while since I last played Stronghold 2 so I can't remember what exactly they are now, but that's what is going on here. Edit: Although saying that, there is a rumour that he can be healed there only after half his health has been lost. How far depleted was his health when you tried to heal him?
  9. I'm delighted to announce and inform members that after many years worth or work we now have detailed Walkthroughs, and corresponding saved games, for every single Stronghold Legends Campaign Mission and Skirmish Trail that was ever made, including the bonus content publicly released by Firefly in 2016 for the first time. You can find all of these guides under the following page on the main site: https://www.stronghold-nation.com/games/stronghold-legends/walkthroughs Or instead you can head over to our Stronghold Legends section -> Mission Walkthroughs via the main site. Hopefully you find as much enjoyment out of reading them that we did in writing them! 🙂
  10. Totally, I have two Windows machines at the moment. Ironically, they both came originally with Windows 10 pre-installed but I removed it. One I bought in 2015 runs better on Windows 7 than Windows 8, and the other I bought two years ago and I use for work mainly, which uses Windows 8. To be honest, I'm going to stop using Windows altogether soon and just go to Linux instead. I already use it for my business anyway so it just makes sense - plus there's software you can use called Wine that will allow you to run Windows programs on Linux machines. I've already checked and all the Stronghold games are compatible. Happy days 😆 The so-called "security vulnerability" (KB3086255) that Microsoft fixed by disabling SecuROM was physical to the machine so you'd need disk drive access to exploit it anyway. I honestly don't know whether a digital download would work so that's an interesting question actually. My immediate instinct would say it probably wouldn't work, but if games are still being sold via a digital version then maybe there's some workaround that exists. In Windows 7 & 8 you can uninstall the aforementioned update to make it work again, but in Windows 10 the functionality was completely removed. I have heard stories of such workarounds existing in Windows 10, but as I've never really used it I can't comment much. As always with Microsoft though you get a lot of smoke and mirrors, particularly when it comes to security.
  11. I'm surprised you could even get it to run the installer with SecuROM in the first place because Microsoft disabled that about 7 years ago, offhand, I think. I'm sure it was September 2015. However I'm pleased you managed to solve the problem.
  12. Did you have the same issue with the retail version? I guess the next step here would be to check and see if any of the buildings you placed in your own estate could be affecting the path the carter takes to the Granary... Stronghold 2 can be weird like that sometimes, particularly with moving invasions. It might be worth trying different building placements, to see if this is having an impact. Try to keep your buildings as clear as possible from the various points the Carter travels to.
  13. Hi Blanko2, thanks for your question. I have to be honest when I say this is the first time I've ever heard of this bug as well. To confirm you've definitely referring to mission 4 (with the Wolves)? https://www.stronghold-nation.com/article/300-sim-campaign-mission-4-outlaws?_fromArticle=1 Or did you mean Mission 5 with Sir William's Castle? I'm presuming you've tried the mission a few times to make sure it wasn't just a one-off bug, but I guess another question is does this bug happen anywhere else in the game, or just this mission?
  14. This is a great question! When it comes to things like Cats, I usually attempt to manually dismantle them with troops, or take them out via powerful long-ranged troops. The only other real way is either wall-mounted rolling logs, or usually some kind of fire, which can destroy them exceptionally fast. Horse Archers are a major pain. I've been decimated by those far more times than I'd like to admit by @ Mathew Steel .... especially when in larger groups. I have a really efficient tactic of spawning Knights very fast, so Tom decided to start spawning many Horse Archers to combat them.. and, to be fair it works, quite well. I find Fire Ballistae work really well in dispensing Horse Archers. Catapults and Ballistae are much easier to destroy unless in particularly large groups, but I'm quite traditional in that I always believe in taking out the siege equipment first. I tend to send melee troops out to destroy these units or harass them with guerilla warfare to wear them down and then take them out. Hope this helps!
  15. Yeah if you're using Steam it's unlikely this particular version will work as it was made for the disc version I believe. Unfortunately as I'm not the mod creator I'm not really sure what more I can do for you, unless @ LORD_VALROY can confirm he's made a version compatible with Steam?
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