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  1. Is this game actually worth getting? I haven't exactly heard critical acclaim for this game (unintentional rhyme).
  2. Do these have to be huge maps or are they made as much as we want to develop them?
  3. There are options for LAN although I'm not sure where on the interface :/
  4. The bug I love is the one which makes soldiers hit by a catapult or ballista just disappear inside a wall or building. I use that to dispose of pretty much all my enemies because I use the ballista a lot (usually in number, say around 50).
  5. Well that's just ruined my day :'(
  6. Hahaha, you don't have to if you don't want to - it was merely a suggestion. ;)
  7. Map name: Drowsiness is not a virtue Story: Sir Grey being a very sleepy lord (from all his weight lifting). He had a habit of sleep walking although he had claimed to have overcome this years ago. When his servants went to look for him, however, he was not in his room. Later, Sir Grey sent a bird message all the way from bandit territory in Whittlesworth. Once a thriving fortress, this now derelict castle serves as a main hub for all outlaws. It is heavily guarded, and the outlaws do not seem to be aware of his presence. Yet. Sir Krydon, one of Sir Grey's best and most loyal knights, has been unofficially called up to rescue Sir Grey. Knowing there is no chance to mobilize such an army with a magnitude which could overpower Whittlesworth, he secretlu calls upon Matthew Steele, a former knight of the King before he was framed by Sir Edwin for killing the King. With a vengeance and yearning for justice, Matthew Steele is sent on a three man operation to rescue Sir Grey. Map - should be a massive kingdom with many black enemies. Players must use stealth, tactics, strategy and a small element of luck in order to reach Sir Grey with the 3 assassins. Enemies should be placed so that the most obvious route is more risky and the more strategic route, though not easy to see, provides an easy route past patrols. Expect reinforcements if any assassins are killed. Length: Long Depending on how well the map is made and what the logistics of it are, this puzzle should take at the very least 30 minutes to complete, an hour average- perhaps more depending on the skill of each player Player Resources: No resource except the assassins should be given Win Conditions: -The Assassins reach Sir Grey Lose Conditions: - Every assassin is dead - (For more skilled players) Time has run out Just improvised this idea, though a stealth mission seems quite exciting if one can pull it off :)
  8. I think it's fair to say that for pretty much everyone here, we have all got some happy memory of Stronghold which makes us love it. These memories are in fact what make me love to play it because it is nice playing in that same atmosphere and having other people to revel in this nostalgia. I made this thread because I thought some people would like to share their best memories in any stronghold game. Mine is in Stronghold 2, and it has to be the mission where you take over Edwin's castle and you have to make sure that his economy survives. I think the main reason I still remember this is because it probably took me more time than every other level I played in SH2 combined to complete. It is also likely that I remember this because of how much it made me hate Edwin. :angry: How about you guys? :)
  9. Can someone please give me a link to GameRanger so that I may install it (if it is even an application) , it would be much appreciated :) You need to play via GameRanger still, regardless whether you're playing on LAN or not I don't think this is necessarily true, I have been playing LAN with my friends when they come round and connect to my internet, and I hadn't even heard that the servers were shutting down, let alone having to install GameRanger. I am confused. :what:
  10. It seems that pretty much all of the problems we have are solved by simple file swaps :P I think the challenge is trying to find the right ones to swap though.
  11. Is it still worth having a go? I have minimal experience with map creating although I do have good knowledge on how to use the facilities thanks to the tutorials Lord_Chris made.
  12. Do you know if Firefly even still patch the Stronghold games anymore? It would be nice to know if they think the games are "alive" to be worth patching up and fixing these bugs. :|
  13. Oh right that makes more sense. I haven't played a lot of multiplayer because I always seem to miss the events and it's quite a lot of hassle to organize and execute them, though I would be willing to play anytime because I am eager to see the multiplayer mechanics and configuration of the multiplayer. I only know that different player colors are possible, which is another reason I am eager to try.
  14. I think I may have solved it although it's hard to get into specific situations where the outlaw uses his javelin and when I go into map editor and play, the player keeps crashing (looking at your tutorial now). I replaced the physical meshes as well and some other animation files and the outlaw seems to stop and throw rather than go hand to hand with the enemy. However, I'm not entirely sure and I am still testing to verify this, will keep you guys posted.
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