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  1. Welcome, Wynnette! Hi folks - apologies for a long absence - incredibly hectic with the teacher training, but I will have some respite over Spring Break ('Woo!' Obvs.), so hope to spend a bit of time here before I'm back into it again. Hope everyone is well and happy :) Lord Chris - I passed on that message so hopefully Frank'll get hold of you soon. LPtD
  2. Hiya, this is impressive stuff, hopefully I'll get a chance to join in with some of it :)
  3. I would love to take part, however I am super-busy now - I've started my teacher training year. Going to wean myself off Savage Lands and get started on my first assignment! So I might not be around here much - but good luck to all participants! :)
  4. Hearty congratulations! Well deserved titles :) Thank you Nigel, for your valiant defense and for a memorable contest - that was a lot of fun and if a similar competition is on offer again in the future I would certainly love to sign up to fight again :)
  5. Hiya - should be no problem - send me an email and I'll convert it for you
  6. Yes, I didn't expect to win that at all after Nigel took out the best-positioned trebuchets - my archers and crossbowmen took a real pounding as well. The final push left me with quite heavy casualties, notably my valiant squad of sergeants-at-arms who destroyed the inner gate house but were entirely wiped out before my army of swordsmen could relieve them. Brilliant fun once again, thank you :)
  7. Awesome, look forward to it (hope I fare better than in my SHC game against Charles last night - 'demolished' doesn't quite cover it!)
  8. Another thoroughly enjoyable game, thank you Nigel - I'll get that Jester!
  9. I was about to post this as a separate thread, but then spotted this! I received two friend adds on Steam this week, I am guessing they are site members here, so it would be great if they could shed some light - I'm afraid I am rather more selective about adding people, so I'd like to be confident that I know them first. Thanks - Paul
  10. Look forward to trying it out, might have to hang on til the end of the month before buying though :) Edit: just gone on Steam and realised how cheap it is :D
  11. :) Thought it would amuse you - great game, and glad that my honour is restored after the 'overzealous lord' debacle. Good game, and on another note, it's reassuring to see how well the game copes with synching issues - other games would just boot you if your connection got lost.
  12. :) Yep, it has been quite a while since I've used the feature myself, so forgot about the scripting issue! But could he not just save the .map file under a different name, remove the scripting and win/lose, then convert it using Alt + ' ? I'm sure that's how I've done things in the past when I wanted to use a map design for both an invasion and an economic mission. Anyway, between us all it looks like we've arrived at a solution for EaglePrince's brother, so hopefully... :)
  13. Hiya, just spotted this thread - your brother can do exactly this by pressing Alt and , (comma) when in the map editor screen,, this will take you to a screen (pictured in attachment) where you can change the map type to siege, economic etc. and resize it, should you wish - don't forget to save it under a new name though, so the original invasion map isn't lost. (This also works in SHC)
  14. That was a lot of fun - though my brave, if foolhardy, Lord decided to join the assault (I had selected him in error) and was killed in action - next time I'll leave him at home. No spoilers, but it is a fun castle to lay siege against and I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone else fares :)
  15. Hi Nigel (and Hi everyone!) Thanks for your message on Steam, this looks like an excellent contest. I am afraid I can't commit the time to this until after Thursday (I have an essay deadline), but otherwise I am interested in taking part. :) LPtD
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