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  1. It does look pretty! They have preview vids up on Youtube now. Hope everyone is well 🙂
  2. Thank you, that's very kind! I've always been into art and making things, so it just stems from that, but I'd say the model painting has really improved over the last couple of years just by virtue of doing it every day and occasionally experimenting with new techniques 🙂
  3. Yes, it's a nice job because it's my hobby too, so I have my personal projects as well as the commission work. The majority of what I paint for other people is Warhammer miniatures - the attached it the latest finished unit for an army I've been painting for a regular client. If you Google 'Pandaemonium Miniatures' then you should be able to see my stuff, I think it comes up at the top of searches 🙂 What's everyone got lined up for the weekend? We've ordered Caribbean takeaway for tonight, and then I think a relaxed Saturday, maybe go for a walk if the weather stays nice. I might have a Zoom chat with some friends to catch up, and then Sunday night I'm playing Monster of the Week again!
  4. Hey everyone 🙂 Hope you're all ok. Things are good here, still super busy with model painting work and English tutoring. On the Stronghold side, I've not bought Warlords yet but planning to. I've actually been playing Stronghold Kingdoms again since January - but having reached my goal of getting to Crown Prince on both the worlds I was playing without engaging in any fighting with other players I decided to stop there and leave my villages open for other players to take. One of the things I've been enjoying during lockdown is a roleplay campaign I'm playing with a few friends via Zoom, it's been excellent fun. We're using the Moster of the Week system, and it looks like we'll be doing a D & D campaign once this one's wound up 🙂
  5. Thank you, M'lord, a pint of Mace Bash would be most welcome 😁
  6. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 🙂 I decided to play Stronghold Kingdoms again for the first time in years, I've managed to remember most things, but I must say levelling through the ranks seems a lot less of a grind in this version! I'm in World 10 and Europe 6 btw. It remembered my original account too, so I had a ready made crest 😃
  7. Merry Christmas Ladies, Lords and Jellyspoons 🌲 🙂
  8. Hey folks, I've just completed the stand-alone economic mission, Calanais! It's something of a grind - you cannot grow or buy food apart from hops and ale, and there are no trees. You are constantly assailed by bandits. Your only economic recourse is to sell stone, keep your peasants drunk and religious, and tax them. The aim is to gain (and maintain for a period) a large population (118 at normal difficulty). The early stages of the game in particular are tricky. The bandits will make a bee-line for structures like the market, hop farms and quarries. I found I could eventually enclose the keep, and then it was a juggling match to balance the economy and happiness - real micromanagement. The breakthrough came when I had enough stone to wall in the quarries and farms, after which the bandits just tried to batter down the walls. As the population increases, the bandit attacks intensify, so early investment in archers (and a few crossbowmen) paid off (though you do get a few outlaws from the woods returning to your cause early on) The image is how I got my castle to look (through about 5 or 6 redesigns/extensions), allowing my hop farmers and stone masons to carry on safely 🙂 I also noticed something - when you build a chapel, eventually you are harrassed to build a church, and then to build a cathedral (with a negative popularity penalty). However, deleting the chapel after you build a church removes this problem!
  9. Thanks Chris 🙂 It made me remember just how much I enjoy doing them, really relaxing. I did this in a few sessions over the last few days, starting with the fountains in the walled garden
  10. Hey folks, I haven't done any map making in years, and I quite fancied having a go again, so I'm making an invasion map, as yet unscripted, so just eyecandy for now. I do have various resources for map making in an external drive, however the usb is broken so it is inaccessible at the moment, I recall that when I enquired it was cheaper to buy a new external casing than it was to get the port repaired, so I'll see about doing that some time. Anyway, here's a stitched together panoramic screenshot 🙂
  11. I've got a few of the maps and templates, either on this or my old laptop, I'll hunt around Welcome 🙂 - What was your username on Stronghold Knights?
  12. @EaglePrincethat's awesome This new forum format is really cool @Lord_Chris!
  13. I was chatting with Yoran aka Lord S?rky? this week via Steam chat - it's possible he might pop in to see us here :) I see we have some prospective minstrels waiting to audition - who's first? Why, as I live and breathe! It's Sir James Hendricks, ex- Dancing Bear All Stars lead lutist! No audition necessary my friend, in you come! Anyone in the court a musician?
  14. Well as you know, I was part-time barman at the old Dancing Bear Inn, so I thoroughly approve of this establishment that has been hastily erected around me :D. I just need to get Chomper out of her holiday kennels... Yeah, I think it's possibly easier if I scan them and email them to you as .pdf documents. All the credits info is on there already, so that's easy :) Meantime, I'll pour everyone an ale or beverage of their choice. Mace Bash for me of course! Now...does anyone know how to play Glasgow Snap? And we need to hire some minstrels....
  15. Hey all, Couple of things - I've just now completed the SH1 war campaign for the first time in ages! Also, I have found a bunch of printouts I made of various tutorials from Stronghold Knights, so I'll be passing those on to Chris to add to the SHN resources -magic eraser tricks, mission walkthroughs and such :) Hope everyone is doing well :)
  16. Hi folks, I've been watching progress on this with interest, looks very promising so far! How are we all doing? I'm on the Firefly Discord (username Paul (Pandaemonium _Miniatures) - I use Discord for other stuff) but so far I find it a bit hard to work out what's happening. I've also been chatting with Nick Tannahill on Twitter. @Crusader1307 - when you say incororated legend and myth, is that a case of background interest or do you think this will transfer to battlefield powers?
  17. Hello all and a big thanks to Chris for helping me reactivate my account - it's been a long time, hope everyone is well :) I'm on the Firefly Stronghold Discord as Paul (Pandaemonium Miniatures) These days I am a commission miniatures painter, I am in the final month of my MA in English and I am still doing a bit of tutoring. Still playing SH games from time to time, I was chatting with Nick T of Firefly on Twitter and he invited me to join the Discord and I thought - been ages since I was on SHN - but had long since forgotten my p/word, so Chris has kindly sorted that out for me :) Look forward to catching up with the folks I know here and meeting all the new people too! LPtD
  18. Thank you very much - i've really been enjoying it! :)
  19. Here you go - I'm adding as I go, still a fair few to paint... My Darklight Pinterest Page
  20. Hello guys, It has been such a while, and I thought I would check in. These days I am doing a mixture of things: I'm almost halfway through my 2 year Master's in English Literature and whereas last year I was teaching p/t at a secondary school and also tutoring privately, this year I am just doing the tutoring and hoping to be able to get back into woodwork (some of you know that I am a qualified cabinet-maker and had a p/t business for a while) - a possible opportunity has come up to share a workshop with a carpenter. I have also got back into miniature painting, lately painting up the figures for Darklight: Memento Mori (I have them up on Pinterest). I am giving thought to taking commissions, but we shall see. I would say that I am more involved in boardgames now than in playing on PC, though I am watching the 'Stronghold Next' progress with interest! Hope everyone is well :) Paul PS: I saw this on Facebook and thought of you!
  21. English Language and Literature :) I seem to recall 'The Forgotten' being won by strategically placing a square tower full of archers and x-bows just in front of the river-crossing to guard it and protect your farms. I also remember it being a long, hard fight the first time I beat it...which must be 10 years ago, so I am a bit hazy. I might even still have a paper print-out of LM's original walkthrough somewhere...
  22. Sure can! :) Yeah, I am well thanks - full-time teacher, so life's been busy, but as a couple of my classes are now on exam/study leave, ths term's feeling less hectic. Sending them via Google drive - sent you an email.
  23. Hi folks - it's been absolutely ages? - how is everyone? I've very recently got back into playing Crusader and have been playing through the two trails again - as usual I hit a wall on 'The Forgotten' (need to remember how Lord Michael recommended tackling that one), but I am making decent headway on the second trail, up to Mission 65 now. I was thinking that if anyone is struggling with this trail, I can offer you some save-games for most missions which are at a point of near victory - just pm me if you'd like any (I haven't bothered with this for the super-easy starting missions). If you don't want to use them for 'winning' the mission, it might be handy to see how I've built my defense and so forth. Paul
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