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  1. ‘’FRESHWATER MONKEY’’ A ‘’common’’ link found regarding this strange Creature, The ‘’Freshwater Monkey’’ is said to be an unknown species of animal which, while resembling a Primate – may actually be a form of Reptilian Life. Found mostly in swampy locales in The Far East and portions of The American South (also swamplands), They are called many things (mostly Cultural in reference). Sizes vary from 12-inches to 3-feet. The ‘’Monkeys’’ can live on both land and water (seen in Trees near water) as well as ‘’swimming’’. The have long legs and arms (like a Frog), and often ‘’Humanoid Faces’’ with ‘’large Eyes’’. The Creatures are never said to be vicious but do avoid general contact with Humans. Perhaps an ‘’unknown’’ form of Reptilian-like Life, or Something Else?
  2. ‘’MATSYANGANA’’ A similar ‘’Species’’ of Being common in Southeast Asian Mythology – The ‘’Matsyangana’’ is akin to European Tales of ‘’Mermaids’’ and ‘’Merpeople’’. A ‘’Human-Fish’’ Hybrid, These Creatures are mostly Female (Upper Half). More common in Cambodian Culture, Their images can be found in Art going back thousands of years. They are also associated with being ‘’Demi-Gods’’ and as such – it is considered extremely ‘’Good Luck’’ to see one. As with most European versions, The Matsyangana will seek out Human Men to procreate with.
  3. ‘’JIMENG’’ In Chinese Mythos, a ‘’Jimeng’’ was an Underworld Being which caused Storms in Lakes and Oceans. Jimeng also guarded all Jade Stones gathered as offerings to The Gods. Part Human and Demon – Jimeng normally have no great part in Afterlife Judgments. They will rend to pieces and Human Soul who tries to steal The Jade of The Gods, however.
  4. ‘’KAKURAN-NO-MUSHI’’ One may not associate 16th Century AD Japan as a haven for Modern knowledge with regards to Virology. But, as was studied and written by an ‘’unknown Author’’ then, a species of invasive parasites were well known (and quite feared). They were known as The ‘’Kakuran-No-Mushi’’. These were very small worms that lived inside the stomach. They were responsible for all stomach aliments and diseases. The worms were known to craw up the throat and into the mouth. IF a sufferer tried to ‘’pull Them out’’, They would start to choke. As soon as One stopped, The Kakuran-No-Mushi retreated back to ‘’safety’’. Eventually, The Victim died – with The Worms (now numbering in the millions), simply left Their dead Host – in search of another. Described as having a ‘’Black Head and Red Body’’, The Worm seemed to have an almost ‘’Human Intelligence’’. The ‘’condition’’ was reported up until the 19th Century AD, when all reports simply died away. What Could They Have Been? Real, Allegory or Something Else?
  5. ‘’ZHUYIN’’ A ‘’Serpent God’’ In The Chinese Underworld, ‘’Zhuyin’’ also occupied an important component in Chinese Creationist Beliefs. The Zhiuyon was a Snake ‘’1,000 feet’’ long. When The Serpent had His eyes ‘’open’’, The Earth remained in daylight. When he ‘’closed’’ His eyes – the opposite – darkness would follow. The Zhuyin needs only to consume ‘’air and water’’ (which it sucks into it’s mouth from the air) – to survive. It will exist until the very ‘’end of things’’, it is written. When Zhuyin ‘’dies’’- so to will The Earth.
  6. ‘’LEDGER STONE’’ A ‘’Ledger Stone’’ is a type of Funerary Art, common in Europe around the mid to late Middle Ages. These were flat granite stones, used to mark the ‘’resting place’’ of a Noble, Royal or ‘’important’’ Person. The primary difference with Ledger Stones, was that an actual body need NOT be buried underneath. The purpose of The Stone was to ‘’memorialize’’ the Personal History and Achievements of The Deceased. Ledger Stones were particularly useful during many of The European Crusades into The Middle East, when often physical remains were NOT recovered. As such, Families or Communities could memorialize Them. Ledger Stones were often very intricately carved with entire narrative of The Life of The Deceased. Other than a Coat of Arms or Crest – no other form of Adornment or Statuary were attached. Ledger Stones would be adopted (especially in Churches and Cathedrals), throughout most of Europe, and even be ‘’transferred’’ to The New World, with European Colonization. Although having fallen ‘’out of fashion’’ (today) because of cost, some Nobility (Titled) – still use Ledger Stones, providing They are ‘’officially listed’’ in a Roll of Honor for Nobility.
  7. ‘’JIGGER JOHNSON’’ His real name was Albert Johnson, but friends called Him ‘’Jigger Johnson’’. Perhaps seen by many as a real life ‘’Tall Tale’’, Jigger’s Life was full of exploits – many seen as ‘’hard to believe’’ (for some). Born in Maine (US) in 1871, Family ‘’Legend’’ states he ‘’came out of His Mother, Pipe in Mouth – wearing logging boots and holding an axe’’. In reality, Jigger was born into a hard working, poor – but loving Family. An Outdoorsman, Jigger learned early – every facet of Lumberjacking, Hunting and Mountaineering. At 12, Jigger took a job helping The Cook of a Lumber Company. But some of The Men poked fun at The Lad. Jigger, as His Legend states, took ‘’issue’’ with One in particular – and got into a fight. Naturally, a skinny 12 year old Boy would become short work to a 200-lb. Man. Jigger jumped on the Man and ‘’fought like a wildcat’’. When They pulled Him off His opponent, Jigger had ‘’bit off’’ The Man’s Ear! Jigger was respected after that. From there, Jigger’s ‘’Legend’’ began. He survived ‘’freezing Winter’s’’, ate ‘’Tree Bark’’ to survive – even caught Bobcat’s with His ‘’bare hands’’. Jigger would eventually become a Fire Warden with The US National Park Service and helped establish The Civilian Conservation Corps. (still in existence). Despite His ‘’hard drinking and Hard fighting’’, Jigger was loved and respected by all – regardless IF you believed the many ‘’Tall Tales’’ of His Life. In His later life, Jigger turned into a Fur Trapper. True to His ‘’Legend’’, many of His Beaver, Fox and other catches – were done with ‘’His bare hands’’. It was in Southern New Hampshire (US) in 1935 that Jigger was driving back from checking His Fur Traps when He lost control of His vehicle and crashed. Found hours later and taken to a Hospital, he unfortunately passed away from His injuries at 63 years of age. Several Books and Films were made later about Jigger Johnson. The State so honored Him by naming a Memorial Campground after Him. Johnson is often cited as a true example of what a ‘’Tall Tale’’ was.
  8. ‘’MANI STONE’’ A practice in some Buddhist Sects – ‘’Mani Stones’’ are various (non-specific) stones, rocks or pebbles – unto which are inscribed one of six Prayers relating to the embodiment of ‘’Compassion’’, The Goddess ‘’Avalokiteshvara’’. These six stones (often painted Red, Blue, Yellow or Green), are them placed in makeshift Shrines or Temples. They serve as ‘’Prayer Zones’’ and can be found duplicated over and over again – especially on a road to a major Place of Worship. Rarely are they constructed on ‘’personal property’’, like a ‘’Family Shrine’’ – the leaving of Offerings to The Goddess are common. In practice, One must stop at every Shrine and recite The Prayer on The Mani Stone.
  9. ‘’THE CANNIBAL OF ZIEBICE’’ An ‘’terrifying’’ Case, because MUCH of it was and still remains UNKNOWN – Mr. Karl Denke was a ‘’mild mannered’’ Man who lived in Silesia, Prussia (now a part of modern Poland). Born in 1860, He was a ‘’hard raised Child’’ who sought life as a Gardener. When His Father died, Denke was left a very small portion of money. Using it to buy a small plot of land, He tried Farming (which failed). Denke would sell this and use the monies to but a small House. But the economy was high and He had to sell THAT as well. He lived in a small room off of His former Home (which the new Owners allowed). Denke was a Member of The local Lutheran Church, played Organ and was ‘’well liked’’. It is very hard – and will probably never be known just ‘’why’’ Denke began His ‘’career’’ as both Serial Killer and eventual Cannibal. Between 1903 and 1924, Denke began to murder and ‘’eat’’ Vagrants and Travelers in and around Ziebice (Poland). Police estimated that Denke may have killed and consumed as many as 40 (or more) Victims. When His last Victim escaped and survived a vicious pickaxe attack, The Police found Denke (at home) and arrested Him without the slightest difficulty. Jailed, when Police searched His Room – Denke hung himself in His cell. Police would later find MANY Human bone fragments and pieces – buried all around Denke’s Property. Another unproven rumor, is that Denke worked as a ‘’Home Butcher’’, advertising locally of ‘’fresh meat’’ for sale. The rumor stated that PERHAPS Denke was really serving ‘’Humans’’. As stated, The Case was never tried and ‘’The Cannibal of Ziebice’’ remains (burial) have been lost to time.
  10. ‘’THE EVIL EYE’’ Since it first ‘’appeared’’ around The 6th Century BC in The Mediterranean Region of The World, The ‘’Evil Eye’’ has been synonymous with the ‘’casting’’ of Evil (both practical and magical). Identified in its earliest form as a single Human Eye, ‘’gazing malevolently’’, the ‘’stare’’ was seen as the method of putting a spell against another. But in other Regions – and at even older dates – (as far back as 3,000 BC) The Single Eye Motif was associated with Religion and was not necessarily seen as Evil. Viewed as a God having ‘’all seeing power’’, it was unclear when ‘’Malevolency’’ would be attached and just why. In many Ancient Cultures, fashioning Amulets or Talisman in ‘’Eye Imagery’’, were seen as both ominous and ‘’helpful’’. In addition to ‘’casting a spell’’ against an Enemy, some Shaman and Priests required the wearing of ‘’The Eye’’ to ‘’ward off’’ Evil. Some examples would be the previously mention Hamsa Image of India and The Far East. One ‘’method’’ of warding off ‘’The Eye’’ was the use of a counter symbol, similar to The ‘’Horned Fist’’ or simple ‘’Fist’’. Both were ‘’counter-active’’ to ‘’The Evil Eye’’. The use and protection from ‘’The Eye’’ is still engrained into many Cultures, even today.
  11. Merlin's Mansion Article Index Page #178 1. ''A Mother Only A Criminal Could Love...The Ghost of Ma Barker'' 2. ''Asylum'' (1972, Horror Movie) 3. ''The Book of Zombie'' (2010, Horror Movie) 4. Albert Fish - ''The Brooklyn Vampire'' 5. Cadaver Monument 6. The Cauld Lad of Hylton Castle 7. Church Monument 8. ''Cordwood Pete'' 9. The Cursed Omenainen Island 10. Debtera 11. Devil Monkey 12. ''Dr. Terror's House of Horrors'' (1965, Horror Movie) 13. Emela-Ntouka 14. ''The Evil of Frankenstein'' (1964, Horror Movie) 15. ''Grave Encounters'' (2011, Horror Movie) 16. Grotesque 17. Guardian Statue 18. Human Magnetism 19. Jima 20. The Legend of The Swansea Devil 21. Magical Rose Mint 22. Mambrie 23. The ''Sleeping Buffalo'' 24. ''Two Toed'' Tom 25. Xing Xing
  12. ‘’FLESHEATER’’ An example of another ‘’Zombie’’ Film that should NEVER have been made, (or at least a good idea wrongly executed) – was 1988s ‘’Flesheater’’. The most striking point to the Indie Film, was it’s (unintentional) link to the grand 1968 Film ''Night of The Living Dead’’ by George Romero. The film was written (and even starred in), by Mr. Bill Hinzman. It was He that portrayed the original ‘’Cemetery Zombie’’ from Romero’s Film, and was the first portrayer of what We now know as a ‘’Modern Zombie’’. But Mr. Hinzman, who had a great idea – let it ‘’rot’’ (so to speak). The parallels to Romero’s Film was seen as too close, which is a wonder why He was never sued by Romero. The Plot deals with typical young adult Love – manifested by a ‘’Halloween Hayride’’ and a Group of such. Left at a remote Barn b y a Farmer (the Sponsor), He goes back to work removing a Tree stump. Doing so, He finds an ‘’ancient box’’ with a carved warning – AGAINST opening. He does, and releases………The Zombie from ‘’Night of The Living Dead’’ (to include an exact copy of His moldy suit). The Zombie bites The Farmer (who becomes zombified) and The two set out to ‘’get The Kids’’ at The Barn. I wont go one but to say, - again, a clever idea that was poorly executed (and Filmed). A real Good example of how NOT to make a ‘’Zombie Movie’’.
  13. ‘’DR. TERROR’S HOUSE OF HORRORS’’ Amicus Films first Horror Film and Genre change from conventional Films, 1965s ‘’Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors’’ was the first of many such Anthology (connected Stories) of The Studios. Consisting of (5) ‘’Tales’’ with a well known Cast (to include Peter Cushing – Title Role and Christopher Lee in a segment) – was well received. The Plot deals with five men who board a Train. Sitting in a Common Car, in enters a rather darkly dressed Man named ‘’Dr. Schreck’’. He is a professional Fortune Teller who uses Tarot Cards in His ‘’craft’’. Ridiculed by some, all agree to having Their fortunes read as a way to ‘’kill time’’. The Doctor tells each His ‘’Destiny’’ (which is the background for each of the impending Tales). From Werewolves to Vampires, from Man-Eating Plants to a Voodoo Curse to of course – re-animated body parts, each Story ends with Our Riders death! When asked ‘’How’’ to survive, The Doctor simply states that They must all die. At this point, The Riders pass another train wrecked on The tracks – will all of them already deceased! Dr. Schreck is ‘’revealed’’ to none other than DEATH Himself. A fairly good early Horror Anthology Film, worth a look!
  14. ‘’THE CURSED OMENAINEN ISLAND’’ Off The Coast of Finland, lies one Omenainen Island. No ‘’Living’’ Person lives there, and other than local wildlife – NO ONE ever has. This is in part to the long History of Evil associated with the Island. When the various Coastal Communities – since the 16th Century AD, had to bury their Residents, Omenainen Island was NOT There choice. In fact, ANYONE who had committed suicide, murder or any other Crime – who was forbidden to be buried on ‘’Holy Ground’’, were interred on The Island. Known locally as ‘’Ghost Island’’, all manner of Paranormal Activity has been reported. These come from those ‘’brave’’ enough to even spend the night (of which permission is seldom given). Of these ‘’investigations’’, photographic and electronic evidence has been advanced, that ‘’something’’ is definitely ‘’active’’ on Ghost Island. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) record ‘’crying, moans and screams of rage’’ commonly. Horrible smells are also a regular occurrence – even when nothing can be traced as the source. Some have even reported ‘’Shadowy Forms’’ and ‘’Physical Manifestations’’ seen – both da and night. Shipping routinely avoid coming too close to Omenainen Island (often reporting mechanical malfunctions regularly if they do). A GREAT PLACE TO VACATION HUH?
  15. Article for 05-30-22 to 06-05-22 ''British BAE M777 155mm Ultra Light Howitzer'' (The Modern Era)
  16. ‘’THE LEGEND OF THE SWANSEA DEVIL’’ An Urban Legend from Swansea, England – The ‘’Swansea Devil’’ is a Tale which stared in 1890. A local Church Congregation decided that it was high time to renovate. The Project was worth thousands of Pounds and a huge lift in the prestige of any Architect. Narrowed down to two, one in competition pointed out a series of Homes He had designed and constructed. The Church balked at His designs and chose the other Designer. This infuriated The Architect. Many years later, He was chosen to design and build a Building directly across from The Church. As a means of decoration, The Architect had a ‘’Smiling Devil’’ (with an Evil Smirk). Placed on The Building’s façade so as to face The Church – The Architect made an ominous prediction – ‘’When Your Church is Destroyed and Burning, My Devil Will Be Laughing at You’’. Flash forward to World War II…….The German ‘’Blitzkrieg’’ of England in 1940 was murderous. Thousands upon thousands would die or be displaced by the bombing. Oddly, of ALL the Buildings in Swansea that were targeted, One of the ONLY ones totally destroyed was The Church. The ‘’Smiling Devil’’? It remained on the opposing Building until 1962, when it was moved into a Basement (to rot). Re-discovered, it was restored and placed into The City Museum in Swansea in 2019.
  17. ‘’GROTESQUE’’ The term ‘’Grotesque’’ (which conveys ‘’ugliness’’ or ‘’hideousness’’), is a term which was originally an Art Style (seen in the late 16th Century AD). Normally, any painting, tapestry, drawing or carving which portrayed malformed or ridiculously portrayed Humans or Animals in such a light, was called a ‘’Grotesque’’. The idea was to convey pity or sorrow by showing such deformities. Often taken from ‘’Life’’, it was still seen as fashionable to take non-malformed Subjects and apply ‘’Grotesque’’ quality. When The Printing Press came into being, Printers began to be contracted to produce political ‘’cartoons’’ which applied Grotesque qualities, as a means of Satire or a means to discredit.
  18. ‘’MAGICAL ROSE MINT’’ The ‘’Rose Mint’’ Plant – or Agastache Pallidifora, was (and is), seen by The Native American Navajo Tribes, as a ‘’magical’’ cure all. They have cultivated and harvested it for Centuries. It’s purplish, stalk-like Flowers are beaten into a paste and used for coughs and colds. The Rose Mint is also powerful against Witchcraft and ‘’Evil Spells’’. According to Navajo Tradition however, it requires a Medicine Man to invoke ‘’special chants’’ to ‘’activate’’ The Rose Mint.
  19. ‘’MAMBRIE’’ The Papuan Tribe of New Guinea have Tales regarding ‘’wrathful’’ Spirits called ‘’Mambrie’’. These are ‘’restless’’ Ghosts who – for many reason – have not or can not go on into The Afterlife (as The Papuans believe in). The Mambrie are formless, and haunt Those They choose for the purpose of getting alcohol and tobacco (both seen to ease Their suffering). It is for this reason The Papuans have a very STRICT code for NEVER passing by a Graveyard during The Day. They believe restless Mambrie lurk during The Daylight and will ‘’attach’’ or ‘’follow Them Home’’. They then assume a Poltergeist mentality, causing chaos until They are given Their need. This will go on and on, and often takes MANY Exorcisms by a Tribal Shaman to remove a Mambrie.
  20. ‘’JIMA’’ The Rainforests of The Amazon River (which flows thru many South American Countries), have – as we have seen, have their fill of Legends and Myths. Most of these were developed by the many indigenous Tribes which dot The Region. The Wari Tribe of Rondonia, Brazil tell Tales of dangerous Spirits, called ‘’Jima’’. They are – for the most part – ‘’non-Human’’ and are considered Demons. They have no form, save a ‘’mist-like’’ quality. Lurking in The Rainforests, The Jima ‘’reach out’’ with what ‘’feels like’’ Cold Hands. Holding onto Their Victims, ''They'' are known to ‘’drain The Soul’’ of this Person – leaving a ‘’husk-like’’ shell. The Jima have no known method of destruction, save The Wari wearing various Talisman for protection.
  21. ‘’A MOTHER ONLY A CRIMINAL COULD LOVE…THE GHOST OF MA BARKER’’ In the 1920s and 1930s in America Crime and Outlaws were as numerous and ‘’popular’’ as ever. From Bonnie and Clyde, to John Dillinger – the list is long and ‘’colorful’’. But one such ‘’Lady’’ named Arizona Donnie Clark, would forever be etched into Criminal History as ‘’Ma’’ Barker. Marrying George Barker in 1892, She would give birth to (4) Sons. Divorcing Her ‘’shiftless’’ Husband, ‘’Ma’’ would turn to Crime as a means of supporting Herself and Her Children, all of whom would learn The ‘’Family Business’’. Eventually, Her Sons would become career Bank Robbers and form with another infamous Robbery Gang, Alvin Karpis. Justice finally came for Ma and several of Her Sons, at Their House in Ocklawaha, Florida when in 1935, She was shot dead at 61 during an FBI Raid. However, some rumors arose that ‘’Ma’’ was not shot by Agents, but took Her own Life. The House, a ramshackle 2-Floor dwelling, nestled on the boundaries of Swamp and Trees, became a ‘’Shrine’’ of sorts, for the Curious. It was never torn down and has been Owned by many over the years. And each Owner has His Own story of the often paranormal activities which still persist. ‘’Ma’s’’ perfume (or the perceived scent) can still be smelled, as well as ‘’Ma’’ NOT liking Her Kitchen being re-arranged (She will often move or knock things over). Another element, is the occasional smell of gun smoke with can be detected in the very upstairs Room where Ma ended her Life. Although no serious Events have been reported, apparently ‘’Ma’’ isn’t going anywhere soon……
  22. ‘’THE SLEEPING BUFFALO’’ Located in ‘’The Wilds’’ of Northern Montana, near The Town of Saco – is a strange Monument of sorts. Inside a makeshift ‘’Shrine’’, is a large lump of Granite Rock. The Rock, after untold millennium of weathering, actually resembles the form of a small Buffalo – reclining. But according to local native Americans, The ‘’Sleeping Buffalo’’ was actually the ‘’Spirit’’ of Wanka Tanka. One day, ‘’He’’ became ‘’flesh’’ and sought out to protect The Prairie Herds. To keep ‘’White Hunters’’ away, He became as a rock, laying out in the fields. Every time Hunters ‘’approached’’, They were confused to find only the stone. This gave the real Herd a chance to escape. The Legend of The Sleeping Buffalo Stone would endure for many Centuries. So much so in fact, that The Citizens of The Township of Malta, Montana wanted to have a symbol of Their past. In the 1930s, City Administrators had The Rock moved from The Prairie and placed in the center of a City Park. To protect The Rock, a fence was placed around it. And then ‘’something’’ strange happened…… Every night, Police would get calls to Their station about ‘’unearthly groans’’ coming from The Park. It sounded like an animal ‘’in distress’’. Police would investigate, only to find nothing. But one curious fact noted, The Rock appeared to have ‘’moved’’, from one side of the enclosure to the other (as if ‘’IT’’ was trying to ‘’escape’’). This ‘’activity’’ would go one for years. Finally, The Rock was moved well out of Town and placed near a Highway. The State made The Rock a Historic Site. Local Native Americans still visit The Rock, offering it ‘’pure water and tobacco’’. Since it’s move, no incidents have been reported.
  23. ‘’THE CAULD LAD OF HYLTON’’ An Ancient ‘’Ghost Story’’ from Northern England (originally) – The ‘’Cauld Lad of Hylton’’ Tale developed around the 16th Century AD. Hylton Castle (now a Ruin), is where it began. The baron of The Castle learned that a lowly Stable Boy was ‘’courting’’ His Daughter. Enraged, The Baron beat the Stable Boy and cut off His Head. The Boy’s corpse was thrown down an old unused well. In weeks, The Baron was questioned if He had any knowledge of the missing Boy – of which he stated He did not. For many years when Hylton Castle was still occupied, MANY reports of ‘’poltergeist activities’’ were reported. From Chamber Pots be overturned, to fresh food spoiling to ‘’bangs and crashes through the night’’. All of this was attributed to the Ghost of the murdered Stable Boy. In time, ‘’physical manifestation’’ began to occur. The ‘’Boy’’ took on the visage of a ‘’demonic Entity’’ with ‘’fur and claws’’. Locals associated This with the ancient mythical Creature – The Barghast. Another element of The Story, is that on many instances, a ‘’Ghostly Voice’’ could be heard inside The Castle, bemoaning that ‘’IT’’ was ‘’Cold’’ (or in the Old English, ‘’Cauld’’). This was associated with the cold and wet conditions inside The Well. In time, some have tried to find the remains of The Boy, but all Wells turned up nothing. And while Hylton Castle is unoccupied and ruined, the ‘’Voice’’ is still heard – as is ‘’strange lights’’ seen bobbing to and fro – even today.
  24. ‘’DEBTERA’’ In The Ethiopian Orthodox Church (and off-shoot of Traditional Catholicism) – a ‘’Debtera’’ occupies an unusual vocation. Comparable to a Deacon, The Debtera was also part ‘’’Medicine Man’’, ‘’Healer’’ and ‘’Shaman’’. Because of the power They have, most Members of The Church feared Them. The Debtera was also the One selected for Exorcism of Evil Spirits. Said to be descended from a similar position in Ancient Israel, some Sects still employ a Debtera.
  25. Article for 05-23-22 to 05-29-22 ''Funerary Hatchment'' (Heraldry)
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