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A Club dedicated to Teutonen Ritter's Stronghold Medieval England Mod.


Stronghold Crusader
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  2. Heck, I am going to download it, and burn to a disk, and everything. These things have to be saved for generations to come. :D 'member how hardly we managed to find the Stronghold 2 AI Manager, for playing with AI lords in multiplayer? Yes, I 'member. :D Thank you for your work, all that sounds awesome!
  3. Oh, thanks! :D?But i don't think i could upload it on website, because file limit is 128 Mb, and .zip archive with mod is under 760 Mb.
  4. You're more than welcome to upload the mod here for our members! I'll happily look at it and if all is well, authorise the upload!
  5. Suddenly i've released a new version of mod. A little changelog: Three?new historical campaigns and first 10 missions of new European Trail; Three invasion/economic missions; Many Skirmish maps; Blue colored player; Fixed Firefly AIVs by Evrey; Wolves, birches, no arabian lords; Mod speech adapted to English version; Full russian localization with it's own speech files; Download: ModDB Google Drive
  6. Hi @Lord Stronghold Please see this topic about renaming topics. The same rules apply to staff renaming forums. In accordance with the rules stated within that topic I ask you not to pursue it further on the forum; if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a PM directly.
  7. Rename the Mod! Medieval England was a stupid compromise solution, so I'm glad when the Mod can use the orginal Name. The Stronghold Europe Mod have a amazing developing story. -- First delevoper: Stronghold Russian Community -- Second delevoper: German "Strategie Zone" Stronghold Community -- Thirdly delevoper: Stronghold Nation Community :D Stronghold: Lord of the Rings is the first international Stronghold mod. What is your roadmap for the Europe mod? My greatest problem as Lead Designer from the German Community was the design from the Campaign. I'm a big perfectionist and and it was very time consuming to make a Campaign. Now, i think with a Campaign is the mod finished. Questions from me: - Have you fixed the birch lagging Problem? - How is the wolves Animation? - How have you cut the Arabian Ai Lords? - European Trail, how can you set the Ai of the Map? And how you edit the Campaign Map graphic? Greetings Lord L?wenherz
  8. Hello! :D?I've added you to Credits in ModDB as a founder, and i wish to ask you about renaming Stronghold Medieval England back to Stronghold Europe. As one of developers of Russian mod i'm very glad to see that the project and it's idea are alive and represented by so talented Stronghold game fans all across the world. It will be an amazing event in community's history if we unite our powers, and Stronghold Europe become first international Stronghold mod.
  9. Keep up the good Work. :) Nice to see, that "my" Mod is not dead. When you need help, write me. I have made the Mod with 15 Years and i must say, it is my best work. 80 % from the original Stronghold Europe Mod i have made new. :cool:
  10. Stronghold Europe is now available on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stronghold-europe
  11. I built it during the walkthrough of one of the missions?=)?The mission itself is quite differ from the image.
  12. Those are great news. I am going to have a lot of work during this week, but hopefully I could give it a try next weekend. EDIT: That castle looks pretty interesting!
  13. Hi @CyberCorpse Thanks very much for your topic and making your campaigns, however the image which you have uploaded has been flagged by MalwareBytes Anti-Malware as malicious- for this reason I've removed it from your forum post. While I have no doubt it is not the image itself which is malicious, it is in fact the entire domain which is being flagged and we cannot have links to (or embedded content of any kind) from domains which are associated with this kind of malware on the forum unfortunately. Could you please upload your image on a new image hosting website and re-post it in the thread?
  14. Hi! I want to inform you that i've made 2 new campaigns for Stronghold Europe. Now i need playtesters to finally polish the missions. Please send me a PM if you are interested.?:D
  15. I'm working now on a new European trail, it will be a feature of a mod =)
  16. ?Its worth further study I think. I'm sort of a newbie on the subject. From what I've read on the modding boards tampering with the old war trails for crusader is new more or less. Your maps are aces in my book. If I choose to dig into this I will for sure use them.
  17. I agree, it's indeed interesting. I should suggest that you can use some of user-made maps. Check out this section from SHN Downloads Central. You have my "permission" to use my maps, and what is more - I would be pleased if you did. And yes, I agree, that could require a lot of work. Right now I'm pretty busy, but I would be willing to help as much as I can - through play-testing and suggestions.
  18. ?After messing around with it, I found it's possible to change the trail.? The opponents are indeed hard coded like we talked about though. No way around that sadly. That said, you can change the map to whatever one would like. Also with the AIV editor I guess one could make anything interesting.? I used the 1st mission "Arrival" as a test. As long as you name any map the same as the one used in the title for the trail mission This works. "a new land" is the map used in Arrival. Once you change the name of your map to "A new land" you then put it in the "EUma" folder that comes with medieval England? then your done. Any map will do. I used the out of the box France map that came with medieval England in this case. ?Its interesting but I'm not sure how much time I have to invest in such a project alone. Plus considering the fact that you can't add or change the AI opponents it may be best to just enjoy the skirmish mode and forget about it.
  19. Well, maybe you could also try to see what happens if you just change that original map with another one. Maybe you could do something that way, though even like that you would still have a fight against Sultan Abdul with the same settings as in the original mission. Maybe it won't work, I don't know, but I should say that it may mess up the original Crusader Trail. Looking forward to see what you're about to do. :)
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