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  1. Oh, thanks! :D?But i don't think i could upload it on website, because file limit is 128 Mb, and .zip archive with mod is under 760 Mb.
  2. Suddenly i've released a new version of mod. A little changelog: Three?new historical campaigns and first 10 missions of new European Trail; Three invasion/economic missions; Many Skirmish maps; Blue colored player; Fixed Firefly AIVs by Evrey; Wolves, birches, no arabian lords; Mod speech adapted to English version; Full russian localization with it's own speech files; Download: ModDB Google Drive
  3. Hello! :D?I've added you to Credits in ModDB as a founder, and i wish to ask you about renaming Stronghold Medieval England back to Stronghold Europe. As one of developers of Russian mod i'm very glad to see that the project and it's idea are alive and represented by so talented Stronghold game fans all across the world. It will be an amazing event in community's history if we unite our powers, and Stronghold Europe become first international Stronghold mod.
  4. Stronghold Europe is now available on ModDB: http://www.moddb.com/mods/stronghold-europe
  5. I built it during the walkthrough of one of the missions?=)?The mission itself is quite differ from the image.
  6. Hi! I want to inform you that i've made 2 new campaigns for Stronghold Europe. Now i need playtesters to finally polish the missions. Please send me a PM if you are interested.?:D
  7. I'm working now on a new European trail, it will be a feature of a mod =)
  8. Is this mod active for now? P.S. Hello EaglePrince :D?I have a suggestions for work, but i don't see PM module on this forum
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