Helm's Deep v2

23rd Jan 2014
Stronghold 2
Custom War
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18th Jun 2021 16:09
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By Black King

I personally made this map not for other people but for myself. This is a tribute for the movie LOTR 2 towers and for the game stronghold 2. First I was playing stronghold 2 then a few hours I got bored so I tried map editor and gave it a shot if can create something different but it takes time to imagine a map. Then helms deep pops up, I tried to make one but it was very hard so I stop and search for pictures for reference and made a sketch first. I tested every part of the game like the attacking force, the reinforcements (elves, rohan riders), their formations, AI behavior (attacks any part of the castle) the timing, building availability, resources, events. If it will all goes well. Even while sleeping I can't stop thinking about what did I miss and map designs inside and outside the castle unstoppably pops up in my brain every night. I dunno what happened to me or what did I eat to make this. I uploaded this to share my piece of art to stronghold 2 players. I hope everyone will enjoy playing this same as me xD

Helm's Deeph is said to be the unbreachable castle of Rohan is at war against a massive army of 10,000. Rohan king believes that the fortress could withstand any attack like the previous battles. with only 700 troops, you must help him defend the castle and it's people. Just like in the movie, you must hold the enemies till aid comes.


This 2 mission map primarily focuses on how you're going to defend your castle against an army of 10,000 and survive till aid comes using only 400 men plus 500 elves with selected building availability and resources.


Men: lords, pikemen, spearmen, crossbowmen, outlaws, armed peasants, engineers, warrior and fighting monks, horse archer and cavalry.

Elves: bowmen,swordsmen and the leader knight.

Enemies: Berserkers, axe throwers, mace men, Pictish warriors, assassin, ladder men.

First mission

First you need to survive or fight your way to reach your castle. On this mission you have the time to prepare your defenses. You need to gather stones for the engineers for them to repair walls for incoming sieges. Position your troops in the walls, specially walls that has higher possibilities for ladders. Don't forget that you have limited units like engineers so use them wisely. You will be reinforced with 400 units. (assume that this are the elves)

Second mission

This is the time where the army of 10,000 arrives and attack your castle. All you have to do is survive by any means necessary till help comes.

You can also change the followings:

the model of each unit if you want.

replace soldier speeches and music gameplay with "battle for middle earth"

Doing this will add more realistic feeling closer to the movie and for greater enjoyment. It's really all up to you.

preview images:

Please leave your comments and suggestions about the map if there is any problem or maybe I forgot or miss something so I can fix and update it immediately. This will inspire me to create more maps.

8th Aug 2014

Apologies for that then. I'm very sorry he hasn't done it for you :(

Good luck with your Minas Tirith map, can't wait to play that one! :D

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2nd Nov 2014

This is a really amazing map! I did like you said - turned on some epic Middle earth music and i received a tonn of joy! Sadly, i didn't manage to survive but that doesn't matter! I can immediately say when a person put a part of his soul into something he had done, and you know what? You did! Thank you Mr Black King! I received that what i was looking for!

P.S. Don't forget to put a part of your soul into Minas Tirith!

3rd Nov 2014

thank you ervinjok

Serf. Yeah you are right about "if you put your soul into something" anything is possible. You know i really have not tried putting some middle earths musics or speeches. it was just simply my idea :D but what i tried is changing the units.

3rd Nov 2014

yeah minas tirith is coming, sorry if it is not ready yet, because it takes me a plenty of time to think what could i only possibly copy from the movie details to stronghold 2. The most difficult task is building a circle wall and also the mountains sizes are limited.

3rd Nov 2014

Greetings again, Mr Black King!

I just want to let you know that i do not want to hurry you, and i understand that this job is quite hard, but i wish you a lot of inspiration because this recource ( if i can call it so) is one of the most important thing everywhere!

P.S. Best wishes, Ervin

19th Nov 2014

I took a couple of screenshots from the updated version and put them in our gallery :)

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19th Nov 2014

WOW I can't believe that you would do this for me XD I don’t know how to thank you for what you’ve done.

Actually I was really planning to do this, only that I forgot how to post a picture message because it was a long time ago.

When I submitted this map there are pictures showing the map and modified units that I would like to post but I don't know how.

elves = assassins, archers w/ assassin's sword as knife - (white ones)

Orcs = Berserkers, axe throwers, mace men, Pictish warriors and ladder men. - (black ones)Men:warrior monk (silver knight and silver spearman)outlaws (spearman w/ thief sword)armed peasant (criminal w/ spear)Crossbowmen w/ silver plate armorI also used the metal crest that I uploaded :DThe pictures are in here and I also included the Unfinished Minas Tirith if someone wants to view it XD


19th Nov 2014

No problem - and this link may help you with posting images in future https://www.stronghold-nation.com/forums/

You can also upload to our gallery here :)

19th Nov 2014

Yey I got it at last for how many years lol :))

A many thanks to Lord_Chris who is very helpful :D





21st Nov 2014

I removed your other test comments, it would have been easier to just edit your original post though.

Glad you got it working :)

You can also update your file and add images in if you'd like to, bbcode is fully supported everywhere you post.

You may also want to consider uploading some of those unit skins to out miscellaneous section as files of their own - they look really good!

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