A Lord in a Canyon

17th Jan 2015
Stronghold Crusader 2
Military Missions
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By Mathew Steel

The Story:

You awaken. You don't feel any pain, but the beaming sun burns your eyes. You sit yourself up and look around you. Remembering nothing, you stand up. You feel unbalanced, you must have been lying down for some time. Situated in a deep canyon. Few vegetation, lots of stone.

The sandstorm passes and you see a group of men in the distance. You call out for their aid. The men come running to you weapons sheathed. As they get closer, you notice the colour of their under armour, these men are friendly. You and your men talk, trying to figure out how you got here. Nobody knows. One of your archers points out the note on the floor. You pick it up, then begin to read it out loud.

"Follow the canyon. Beware of the enemy. My fort is situated at the end of the canyon, you won't miss it. Good luck."


Sir Richard Lionheart

You and your men agree to follow the orders, not because you are sure Sir Lionheart wrote this note and that it is trustworthy, but because you have no other option. You say one last sentence before commanding your men once again, "eyes peeled, blades to the front, archers to the back!"

The mission:

The aim of this map is simple. You and your men must fight your way through the canyons and reach your ally's territory at the other side. Although getting there won't be so easy.

You will be confronted with enemy lands, where small defences have been set up in order to prevent you reaching your ally. Other enemies will be attacking you at certain points by ambushing you from different directions. Some of your men are in checkmate and attempting to move them to you will result in their death. You must use the troops you start with in order to rescue your men. Rescuing all your men isn't required but it will reward you further into the mission as you will most certainly lose troops.

There is more than one route to take in order to reach your ally. Using both routes with the correct troops is how you will succeed in rescuing more of your men. A synchronized attack with archers at a vantage point and swordsmen executing threats to your archers is how you will succeed.


In order to succeed you will need to make strategic decisions and be able to improvise at different points in the mission. Attempting to rush through the enemy with your men will result in defeat, you are outnumbered. But as a wise man once said:

"It takes more than troops to win a war"

17th Jan 2015

Another unusual map done well, take your troops for a walk through the canyons, fighting most of the way with triggers to bring in a few easy invasions to give your troops more to do along the way, get to the allies castle to win.

The map is well made and looks good doing it, a good desert canyon terrain, not to overly detailed, just about right!

You have enough time to get the job done and have some fun at the same time, you will enjoy your time with this map!