War | Chapter 12 - To Capture A King

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

Stronghold 2: Path of War, Lost King Campaign
Played with version 1.3.1. Walkthrough by HicRic and LordBritian

Chapter 12: To Capture a King
• Main Objective: Kill the King
• Starting troops: 17 archers, 18 crossbowmen, 14 swordsmen, 10 macemen, 2 knights, 8 burning carts, 8 catapults, 1 lord

To win this siege, your troops must be the ones to kill the enemy Lord (the king). Your combined armies will easily win this siege. The challenge is for you to get your men to the king first (or at least be the ones to deal the finishing blow).

Start by moving to the north, up the fill to the gatehouse. Have the burning carts go first to set off the rolling log trap. Shortly after you order them, send the catapults up to the gatehouse (but not in a position that would set off logs).

When the catapults get over the bridge, order all your army, except the lord, to go up to where the catapults were heading. By the time they get to the top, you'll probably only have 4 catapults remaining. Target the enemy's walls to the left of the gatehouse. You should breach them in moments. Make sure the rolling logs that were there are destroyed. Don't worry about the ones to the right of the gatehouse. Charge your men in through the gap, and move through the castle, going towards the keep, but hold back your knights. Since they are fast, leave them behind and out of harms way for now.

Let the Hawk and the Hammer's men go first as they will set off the traps and create breaches for you. Keep your men close to the front of the assault, however. As soon as a wall falls, get through it. Hide between the second gate and the lady's bedchamber to get out of the fighting. Send your knights there now. When the last gatehouse falls and you have access to the keep, move through the destroyed gatehouse, but do not be tempted to charge through to the keep. Wait for the massive pitch ditches to ignite, to the right of the keep. Let the Hawk and the Hammer's men engage the king's swordsmen outside the keep. A keen place to rest, out of balista and archer fire, while the traps are set of by the Hammer's and Hawk's men is shown below. Send your knights to this point, don't wait for your swordmen if they are behind.

When the last traps are sprung and the troops in front of the campfire are engaged, send all your troops in! Use your knights, macemen, and swordsmen, and do not fight any of the king's troops. Go straight for the king. While the Hawk and the Hammer's troops fight the king's guards just outside the keep, you'll be inside! Get to the top, and defeat the King. Be quick as the Hawk or the Hammer may be right behind you. If the king falls to you, the crown is yours!

This is quite a short mission, it is all over in a very small space of time. You can sometimes be unlucky and lose many men to traps or archers, or one assault can go very well and they will get to the king before you. If you follow this guide though, and stay close (but not too close) to the front of the assault, you should come out with the crown!


This walkthrough was written by stronghold-knights members HicRic and LordBritian. Without all of the stronghold-knights team, this would currently not be here. A big thank you to them all!