Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Civcity Rome Information
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By Lord_Chris

Below is a list of all the working shortcuts in CivCity Rome. There may be more, however, only these are proven to work.



Shortcut Explanation
W, A, S, D Allows you to scroll around the map as you would do with the mouse. You can also do this with the arrow keys as well.
Q, E This will rotate the map left or right in a matter of seconds.
R, F This will zoom the camera in or out.
P This will pause the game. Pressing it for a second time will unpause the game.
1 This will select road from the menu for you to place.
2 This will select a Shack for you to place.
3 This will select a Well for you to place.
4 This will select a Butcher's Shop for you to place.
5 This will select a Tunic Shop for you to place.
6 This will select a Warehouse for you to place.
7 This will select a Granary for you to place.
8 This will allow you to place a Watch Tower.
9 This will allow you to place a Fire Watch.
0 Selects the Delete Tool.