Stronghold 2 Scenario Types

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By Lord_Chris

Stronghold 2, not unlike it predecessors, has a variety of scenario types, which give you the ultimate gaming experience and allow users with different interests in the game lots of opportunities to do different things.


Kingmker is the single player skirmish mode instead of Custom Skirmish which is used in Stronghold Legends. To get to the Kingmaker Menu, you select "Single Player" from the Main Menu, then "War" and finally "Kingmaker". Basically, you can setup a game almost exactly the way you want. You can set custom ranks, opponents as well as custom teams. You have every building at your disposal unlike some of the other campaign types where you have the option to limit them through the Editor.

Custom War

Custom War allows you to freely create your own scenarios. You can limit thebuilding availability, AI Lords, Trading Options and create your own missions just like the official game campaign. The Editor gives you almost every tool Firefly had when making the game themselves, and makes creating your own scenarios very easy indeed. You can see a complete list of triggers and events from the Editor here.

Peace Custom

Peace Custom is extremely similar to Custom War. With this Scenario Type, you can create your own maps with custom settings and actions using the triggers and events from the Editor. Using this scenario type, you can create maps similar to those from the game's Sim Campaign.

Free Build

This is the one scenario type which is suitable for people who don't like the fighting part of Stronghold 2. Here you can set any triggers and play exactly how you like in a peaceful setting. You can expect no enemy troops or invaions of any kind. This is the ideal type of scenario for beginners to the game with little or no experience of Stronghold 2.


This is the same as Kingmaker, except an online version with actual players instead of AI. For more information on Multiplayer, please see this page.