Stronghold 2 Civilian Buildings



Your population initially all spawns from Hovels. All Hovels provide space for 8 peasants, and on most maps the population limit is 104. Once peasants are spawned on the map, they will go to the campfire of the Keep and wait for any available job. Peasants will only arrive to the Castle once your popularity is over 50.

Cost: 6

Resource: Wood


The Church uses candles produced by your Chandler to hold mass on a regular basis. This will have a positive effect on your popularity. You can choose how many candles are used per service by selecting the Church and then clicking on the left or right arrow icons. Reducing the number of candles used per service will not have a negative impact on your popularity, but increasing them may have a positive one if you have enough available.

Cost: 50, 500

Resource: Stone, Gold


The Monastery allows you to recruit Warrior Monks and Fighting Monks, to supplement your armies on the field. In addition to this, Monks study at the Monastery and create manuscripts that are delivered to the Keep. Once these manuscripts have been delivered, they provide an Honour bonus of +5 per manuscript.

Cost: 50, 500

Resource: Stone, Gold

Musician's Guild

You will receive a Jester and Minstrel when you place thos building, who will entertain your Lord's guests during a feast held in the Keep. By placing a Musician's Guild, you will automatically receive a +10 Honour bonus during feasts on top of whatever other Honour you have gained during the feast.

Cost: 10, 100

Resource: Wood, Gold

Jousting Field

The Jousting Field takes six game months to setup, and will provide +20 Honour per month for another six game months until it is dismantled and the process begins from scratch. The Jousting Field will also have a positive impact on popularity.

Cost: 200, 500

Resource: Wood, Gold


Statues are expensive, but will provide a consistent supply of +1 Honour per month.

Cost: 250

Resource: Gold

Traveling Fair

The Travelling Fair will take three game months to build. Once constructed, it will provide a +5 popularity bonus for the next six game months while it entertains your population. After this time, the fair will be dismantled and the process will start again.

Cost: 50, 250

Resource: Wood, Gold


The Treasury is responsible for handling the Castle's finances. Once this building has been placed, you will be able to adjust the tax level of the castle using the left and right icons in the Treasury screen. It is wise to keep a close eye on where the Treasury is built because enemy thieves disguised as Farmers may be able to breach it and steal your money. It should be noted however that AI lords do not use Thieves, and so this can only be the case through multiplayer games.

Cost: 10

Resource: Stone


The Bedchamber is where the Lady of the Castle lives. If you have a Lord's Kitchen placed and some cloth in your Stockpile, the pages from the Lord's Kitchen will take the cloth to her Bedchamber for her to create dresses. She will create a total of four dresses, after which a Dance will be held in the Keep raising Honour. She spends the remainder of her time relaxing and feasting.

Cost: 25

Resource: Stone