How to change your Lord in Stronghold 2

  • Stronghold 2 Tutorial
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

It doesn't necessarily take a very long time in Stronghold 2 to get very bored of seeing the same Lord every time you play the game, and it doesn't take much to question whether it's possible to change your Lord. The answer to this question is yes. Unfortunately however, this must be done outside of the game. It's also worth noting that this is fully reversible - simply complete this tutorial in reverse order to restore your original lord again.

We also have a more advanced version of this tutorial available here which shows you how to add units from Stronghold Legends into Stronghold 2. This explains more about the detail behind the scenes as to why this tutorial works and why this is such a simple process if you are interested in understanding some of the 'behind the scenes' knowledge.

First of all, head over to the Stronghold 2\meshes\units folder. Once you're there, find the file which is called lord.uni. You can technically switch to any unit or character in the game, but to keep things simple, we will only switch to another Lord. You can find a full list of the lord files available at the end of this tutorial for reference, though their respective file names are self-explanatory.

Once you've chosen your lord to switch to, rename that file to lordbackup.uni. I will be using Lord Barclay, so have already renamed his file. Next rename the file lord.uni to the file name of your chosen lord (e.g. hammer.uni for Lord Barclay).

Finally, rename lordbackup.uni to lord.uni. Now open up Stronghold 2, and take a look at your new Lord!

Here is a table which shows all the lord files in Stronghold 2. Use this to find which lord represents the lord you would like to switch to!

Unit File
The Bishop bishop.uni
The Bull bull.uni
Edwin edwin.uni
Lord Barclay hammer.uni
The Hawk hawk.uni
The King king.uni
Lady Seren lamb.uni
Player lord.uni
The Queen lord_queen.uni
Olaf olaf.uni
Sir Grey sir_grey.uni
Sir William william.uni