How to disable the introduction video

  • Stronghold 2 Tutorial
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

The Stronghold 2 introduction video will automatically play every time you start up the game. Let's be honest: it's nice the first few times you play the game, but you very quickly get tired of it and want to remove it. This tutorial shows you exactly how to do that.

Before we can actually begin, we must find where the files themselves are located. This does however, depend on where Stronghold 2 is installed on your machine. The default directory is in Program Files on a 32-bit machine, or Program Files(x86) on a 64-bit machine. You can find out which type of system you have by going to start -> Right Click on "This PC" or "Computer" -> Properties.

Now navigate to the following path, keeping in mind whether your computer is a 64-bit machine (in which case replace 'Program Files' with 'Program Files (x86)') or a 32-bit machine: C:/Program Files/Firefly Studios/Stronghold 2/ui/frontend

Once you have navigated yourself there, find the file which is named 'Stronghold2 FMV.bik'. Depending on whether Windows is hiding the file extensions, you may or may not see the extension .bik. It makes no difference whether this is the case or not.

Simply right click, opt to rename and change the filename to something else (e.g. add backup onto the existing file name).

And next time you open Stronghold 2, the introduction video will no longer play! Instead, the game will go straight to the menu screen. You may also notice that the game now loads quicker as well. To revert this change at any time, simply remove the word backup from the file name.