Sim Campaign: Mission 12 - The King's Feast

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 6 mins

By Lord_Chris

Mission Objectives:

• Win: Acquire: 500 Honour
• Win: Acquire 70 Eels, 70 Geese, 70 Pigs, 70 Vegetables, 70 Wine
• Lose: Your Lord Dies
• Lose: Time until Defeat: 60 Months

Here we are at last, the final mission of the Stronghold 2 Sim Campaign! You will find yourself back in a familiar location of your old estate again. Nothing much has changed. In fact, unlike in chapter 9, it's precisely the way you left it. This mission is the ultimate test to see how quickly you can mass produce things. Even a superficial look at your estate can tell you that it's impossible for you to produce everything in there. Therefore, it's time to use what is most definitely one of my favourite multiplayer tactics: using your estates to mass produce resources for you.

Tip: Immediately pause the game to help you to place any buildings in this mission. It saves valuable time and allows you to restructure vast amounts of your estate at minimal delay. If you delete a building and it does not disappear when paused, quickly unpause and then re-pause your game again to see the changes, which will allow you to build over the old building.

Start by erasing any building in your estate which is not directly useful for your goal in this mission (other than basic food production, of course). You will also need to retain any gong pits or falconer posts you may have, any hovels and perhaps any saw pits to keep a supply of wood. Next, move fast to place a Courthouse and two ways of rehabilitation. I recommend the Humiliation Mask and Gibbet, but remember that you will need a Torturer's Guild for some rehabilitation methods. You will also need a Guard Post next to the Granary in order to catch criminals.

Place a Market and sell all of your weapons, buying some wood in return. Ensure you have at least 10 pig farms placed in your own estate. You may wish to reorganise other areas of your estate now as well, for example where your Hovels are placed, in order to accomodate more space for buildings. Place another five Pig Farms. Your own estate will be the designated Pig Farm estate- this should be the only estate to produce pigs for you. In addition to this, place a Jousting Field and Travelling Fair. Both of these will help you Honour levels, but the Jousting Field alone will probably get you a very significant chunk of your Honour. It takes six game months to setup, and is active for six game months. Each month it provides 20 Honour, giving a total of 120 per game year. That's a total of 480 by the end of the mission, meaning you only need 20 additional Honour. That's just a piece of cake and you will exceed it very easily by following this guidance.

Money is not an issue in this mission, so each time you run out of wood simply purchase new wood from the stockpile instead of waiting for wood to be produced by your saw pits. You want to move to reorganise any part of your estate which you haven't already done yet, especially the food production near your Granary. Once this has been done, place two weaver workshops and two sheep farms near your Stockpile, and a Bedchamber. The Lady will weave cloth into dresses, used for dancing in the Keep, which will generate vast amounts of honour for you.

Place a Church, some Beehives and two Chandlers Workshops to produce some Honour from the Church. You will also need to select the Church and increase the mass level from none. All these things will take care of your Honour. Finally, left click on your Lord's Kitchen, and turn off all food types by left clicking on each one. This is a vital step to prevent the food you produce being eaten during feasts which would otherwise be held in the keep.

Next, move to the Slaughterford estate. This was your original estate back in mission 1. This shall be your designated Wine estate, where all of your wine should be produced. Delete most of the Apple Farms or whatever buildings are here, and place nine vineyards and twelve vintner workshops instead. Remember to place a Lord's Kitchen in this estate as well- and close to all of these buildings, or you will be unable to produce any wine here. Now move to your estate Boorswell (the one with all the marshland). Place a Lord's Kitchen and as many Vegetable Gardens as the estate can hold. Make sure you delete any buildings related to Pitch or your objectives from mission 6.

Move over to your other estate now, where the Outlaws were in mission 7 and all those chapters preceeding it. Delete any pre-generated buildings and place as many Eel Ponds in this estate as possible. As Eels and Geese are both generated here this is probably the most important building of all, so go back to your castle estate and place as many of these Eel Ponds in there that yu have space for. You can now breathe for the time being with building. However, you need to setup the carter shipments from all your estates to your castle with the goods you desire. Starting with Edwin's old estate, Charvon Wingly, setup 50 Apples continuosly into your own Gramary. Now move consecutively through all of your estates and correspond the carter delivery with the goods the estate is producing. Note that you may need to wait until some goods are produced before you can send the carter.

Now you can unpause the game. Go and check through all your estates and place any Hovels which may need placing in order to make sure all your buildings are at full capacity. Also make sure that your estates have enough food to sustain the likely increase in population now. Place some Hunter Posts if necessary in order to keep your food level and population high enough. Your resources should soon start filling up very quickly, but you're likely to be short of at least one resource. Whenever you get to around 50-60 of your highest resource, delete some of those buildings and start producing the resource you are lowest of as well. And make sure you also keep an eye on your Honour levels.

Ironically it takes more time in this mission for the goods to arrive than it does generally speaking to produce them. And you can always place more carter posts in your estates to help with the increase in resources as well. Once you have all 70 of one resource, erase all those food production buildings from all your estates and move to the other resources instead. Shipments will soon come in thick and fast, and your Honour is likely to sort itself. Once you reach the target amount, you've won!

Congratulations on completing the Stronghold 2 Sim Campaign! What!!? You thought that was it? That's just the peace campaign. We've still got the Stronghold 2 War campaign to complete yet- see you there! You can download a saved game of this mission from the downloads section here.