Making Tunnels in Stronghold 2

  • Stronghold 2 Map Design
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

Have you ever wanted to place a tunnel in Stronghold 2? Perhaps you would like to have an escape tunnel for a castle, or maybe a hidden ambush tunnel for outlaws. With this new found trick for making tunnels, there are endless possibilities for new maps!

Note that this trick was discovered on Stronghold 2 version 1.4.1 and may not work on other versions accordingly. This trick was discovered by Tokamaps, who deserves full credit for this, and the images were also very kindly provided. A thanks is in order to him for informing us. For this article, I am simply expanding on existing points he made.

First of all, place a line of wooden platforms on your map of where you would like your tunnel to go. This can be on any terrain height apart from the highest three. Make sure that on each side of the path the steps on the wooden platform are facing outwards so troops can climb it.

Next, place terrain over the wooden platforms one level higher than the terrain level that the platforms were placed. Make sure that you cover all areas of the wooden platforms, including both the steps for troops to climb.

After you have done this, select the 'equalise quickly' tool and select the smallest brush size. Now, starting from the corners of the tunnel, ajdust the terrain so that is is the equivalent height as the rest of the terrain.

Now select terrain three levels higher than the terrain height you placed the wooden platforms on. In this instance, they were placed on the ground height, so it is the fourth icon along from the right that is chosen. Place this over the wooden platforms, so that it is exactly in line with where the platforms end. Do not cover the end of the platforms.

Press the spacebar to enter architect view. Now using the 'equalise quickly' tool again, and the smallest brush size, adjust the terrain so that it reflects the new height. Make sure that you leave the very edge tile and do not adjust that. See the image below.

Now place river water over the entire tunnel.

Delete all of the river water. You can now edit any of the terrain here and place buildings, trees, keeps, troops .etc. The only part you cannot edit is the strip of terrain over where the wooden platforms are placed, and this strip is highlighted.

Now you have deleted the water, place some terrain on either side of the tunnel to prevent units from being able to travel around it, and test if it works!