Making Farms without Farmhouses

  • Stronghold 2 Map Design
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

Have you ever wanted to place a farm without the farmhouse in Stronghold 2? Perhaps you wanted to show fields of crops, or vegetable patches without the building getting in the way. With this new found trick, you can place any number of farms without buildings attached to them.

Note that this trick was discovered on Stronghold 2 version 1.4.1 and may not work on other versions accordingly. This trick was discovered by Tokamaps, who deserves full credit for this, and the images were also very kindly provided. A thanks is in order to him for informing us. For this article, I am simply expanding on existing points he made.

When you first enter the editor, make sure that you have a small map selected. Go to the edge of the map, where if you select to make it a bigger map, it expands. Enlarge the map to make sure you are at the correct point on the map.

Now, place some terrain over where the edge of the map would be. This can be of any height, and size purely depending on your needs. Personally, I would recommend you use the largest brush size; you can tone down if needed but it is harder to add more terrain later. Note however, that this trick will only work where the large map and small map meet, e.g. the place where you are now.

Minimise the map back down to a small one again, and place your farm over the edge of the map. This trick will work on any height level, even the default. However, farms such as the Wheat farm must be placed on the valley floor, they cannot be placed upon any other terrain height.

Finally, make the map large again, and finalise the details!

You could create some stunning maps from this trick, such as these created by Tokamaps. There are endless possibilities of what this trick can produce!

Apple farms without buildings

Extended Vegetable Garden

Extended Wheat Farms