Eye Candy Churches

  • Stronghold Map Design
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

Stronghold 1 has wonderful structures, but you are limited with structure type. This is true of the 3 kinds of Religious structures the game provides. All important for the raising of “religious satisfaction” (which is important for your Peasants), the are still 3 all the same basic (and repeated) structures. They include:

  • The Chapel (Smallest)
  • The Church (Medium)
  • The Cathedral (Largest)

However, by using some clever “Eye Candy” tricks, you can create some really impressive and unique structures. Here's how:


Place your Chapel were you would like. Behind The Chapel, place the Large Square Tower. You can use the smaller ones, but they will be “off set” some. The Larger is a perfect fit. Now directly behind the Tower. Place another Chapel so that it is flat against it. This will give the effect of one long Church with a Bell Tower in the center. Next, place around 6 wall tiles on both sides of the Tower (this will create the effect of a Bell Tower). To finish, attach 6 steps to the wall tiles (on both sides). This gives the effect of a “bevel” design.

IF you wish to spice if up further, you can create a graveyard or garden. This is accomplished by going to the Landscape screen and selection ANY boulder. Toggle the paint brush to it's lowest setting. Now place the rocks (as shown in the illustration). To create graves, go back to the Landscape screen and select UP/DOWN ELEVATION. Using the smallest setting, decide where you want to place your graves. Next click (one tile) up at LEAST 10 times. Duplicate the process in a straight line about 5 times. This will raise the land slightly. Now, (right next to this) – do it again. When done you will have a grave-looking elevation of earth (highlighted by the games shading and shadows). Finally, go to your GOOD THINGS and find an appropriate headstone. Place it at the front of your mount. You can tweek your cemetery any manner of different ways.


Place your Church. On either side, place any size Square Tower you wish. This will give the effect of Bell Towers. Next, directly behind the Church, place a small Chapel directly behind. This will give the effect of a longer building. Go back to your Towers. As with The Chapel change, place single wall pieces along the front (with steps). Repeat this method for the back side.


Place your Cathedral. One both sides, place a Large Round Tower. If your notice the small graveyard at the front of the structure, start your single wall so that it encircles the entirety of the Tower ONLY. Add either single or continuous crenellations.

You can naturally use your own imagination for “sprucing” up your new Religious structures. Bushes or other items placed around the walls.