Animal Compounds

  • Stronghold 2 Map Design
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

If you're tired of your livestock running all over the map, then why not try placing them inside an animal compound? This tutorial shows you how to not only keep your livestock inside a compound, but also keep attackers out.

Animal compounds make use of the fact that animals do not walk up walls. However, they will walk through gatehouses, so a small trick is needed to prevent this. There are two main types of compound, stone and wood.

I'll begin with stone compounds. First of all, build a stone wall (of any thickness) around your animals. This will trap them in a courtyard - however workers will be unable to reach them. In order for workers to reach animals inside the courtyard, build two stairwells, one on either side of the wall. However - because animals will venture into doorways, you must ensure that the stairwells are not touching each other, because the animals would be able to get out. Either ensure there are is some wall between, or place them in different positions on the wall.

You can also use the wooden compound, which personally, I prefer. The difference here is that wooden platforms can be touching each other because animals cannot climb ladders!

Note: Be sure to place the walls first and then place the farms because the animals could move outside before you place all the wall. Now all you need to do is place some troops at the entrance of the compound to prevent any human attackers. You might even want to set this up as a defensive position, adding towers and ranged units!