Making Lowered Towers

  • Stronghold 2 Map Design
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

Have you ever desired having lower towers than the game will allow? Maybe you would like to build a mighty fortress, or perhaps just a small pile or rubble. Fear not, this trick will allow you to make lower towers in whatever quantity you wish!


First off, this trick was discovered in Stronghold 2 version 1.4.1 and may not work on other patches in the same way. This trick was discovered by Tokamaps, who deserves full credit for this trick. I would also like to personally thank him very much for sharing it with the community. This tutorial will expand on the points made here.


First of all, you want to place a strip of terrain. This can be any height apart from the highest and lowest, but should be one height higher than you want for the tower.



Next, place a wooden platform on the top. The stairwell should face the direction you want units to use to climb up onto the tower. Then use the minimum terrain tool and push all terrain down to this height.



Now using the 'equalise quickly' tool, lower the ground underneath the platform completely:



Now we have a 'flying' tower:



Next, place water undeneath the wooden platform.



Now delete the water. You can now edit anything undeneath the water.



Now place any tower except from a stairwell next to the wooden platform.



Now go into architecht view (spacebar) and place terrain around the tower and wooden platform. You need to use the next height higher than the one you previously used.



Next, use the 'equalise quickly' tool again on the smallest pallet size and go around the edge of the tower and ground (including the wooden platform). Note that your screen may well turn black and you can't do anything. If this is the case, then you should hit back, save your map, go to the menu and reload your map.


The reason this happens is because you select the inside of the tower which is bigger than a 1x1 tile. Additionally, your game may crash at this point if the steps are not followed correctly.



Now cover your land in water again, and delete it:



Now, test if it works!



With a bit of attention to detail, you can create some really stunning results! Here is an oustandingly good example made by Tokamaps: