Customisable Wall Towers

  • Stronghold Map Design
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

A stone Keep built on minimum height, surrounded by walls and towers is not structurally very complex. However, if you build the castle on multiple heights, use wall tricks to create custom towers embattlements, castle interiors .etc, then it will very soon become complex! This article will show you how to make custom towers in Stronghold 1.

By using the height tools you can create virtually an unlimited number of different tower designs. You can create low towers, high towers, rectangular towers, round towers, asymmetrical towers .etc. You can also create walkways between towers and build stairs inside them, which will interlock different levels together.

The best thing about wall towers is that their shape and size are limited only by your imagination and creativity. This does however, mean that it is difficult to write a complete wall tower design guide, due to the vast amount possible to create. We will, however, give some general guidelines that will hopefully serve as an inspiration for more advanced and detailed tower designs.

Choose the height of the wall, and place down a strip of height the same size using the corresponding height tool. Then place your walls on top of the elevated terrain. Add crenellations on all sides of the wall section and there you have it, a very basic wall tower:

The next tower design is a bit more advanced. Start by building a square wall tower of, say, max height (the height of the tower doesn't matter as long as it's higher than the tower that will be built next to it). Then build a tower consisting of 'hi plain', next to the other tower. However, the crenellations should be of the first tower's height (the maximum height). Now connect the towers with a stairs - remember that you are building several towers inside one large tower, so the crenellations need to be on the same height all the time. Next, you can build a third tower next to the second one. The third tower needs to built on mid plain and you connect it to the second tower with stairs. You can either build stairs to min height level, or you can leave it if you wish.

While this example may not be the best, it certainly demonstrates the point. Now you have a large tower with three levels and each of these levels can be later continued to create corridors and walkways within the rest of the castle. Your tower has become more than just a tower: it's a junction point where people can access different levels of the castle.

Note: Wall towers which are built on elevated terrain have an indestructible core, so you must remember that if a wall tower is destroyed then only the walls disapper while the elevated core remains making it impossible for units to walk over the remains of the tower. one way to avoid this problem is to place indestructable items around the outer wall to stop it from being destroyed (with the excetion of projectile weapons such as catapults).