Creating Secret Passages

  • Stronghold Map Design
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

The ability to create secret passages, and cave entrances, may well be based on a programming error in the game. This is because rock faces which are only one tile wide are diagonally passable. To begin with, you should make an area of "plains" ground with the maximum height. Note however, that this will work with any height level.

Then, change the landscaping tool to the width of one tile (the smallest size) and switch to "minimal height". Now paint over the higher terrain to create a path of adjacent tiles through the cliff. Here is an example from aerial view.

First, you should test to make sure that a toop can in fact walk through the passage. Place an archer, and make him walk through the gap udnerneath. Perfect! Now we have a fully functional Secret Passage on our map. On the top of the mountain, all units can walk diagonally over the passage. This implies that on the mountain, everything remains accessible as it should be. And because units can also walk through our passage, this really means it's good to use. On the highland freedom of movement is guaranteed and remains untouched! The following pictures illustrate this:

Having a passage that is open isn't very secret though, is it? Some strategically placed bushes and rocks will do the job of camouflaging it, and easily deceive the eyes of your opponents:

Here is another example, more complete: