Creating Aqueducts in the Editor

  • Stronghold Map Design
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

Many ancient settlements used Aqueducts to supply water to the town and surrounding farmland. You can create a (ruined) Aqueduct in Stronghold 1 by completing the following steps. Note that ruined Aqueducts cannot be created on single player maps.

First, create a section of mid-plain or high-plain terrain in the map editor. This can be as short or long as you like, and in any direction. I've done it completely straight here simply for simplicity for the next step.

Next, add water to the raised terrain you have just created. You can do this for the entirety of it - a waterfall should appear on every end.

Build stone wall around the terrain. If you chose the high-plain terrain, then you should build a small section of wall, then place crenelated walls next to it. Once at least one section of crenelated wall has been placed, the other wall can be removed. The reason for doing this is otherwise the water level will be higher than the stone wall to contain it - then place crenelated wall instead of where you would have placed the other wall. 

You don't need to do this step unless you want a ruined Aqueduct. If you want one intact, just miss this step out. Otherwise, place some pikemen a different colour to your own in the editor. Now take advantage of the situation, and get them to hack parts away at your wall!

Be careful though, you shouldn't hack away too much of the wall, you need to avoid the water level becoming lower than the wall:

Add a small river and some other terrain to the picture. Now you have your ruined aqueduct!

With some attention to detail, you can create some stunning masterpieces! Why not add to the scene by creating some hills and placing a few animals?

You can download the templates which I used in this article here. You are free to do with them what you wish, all I ask in return is a link back to this article.