Research Tree

  • Civcity Rome Tutorial
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

The research tree will allow you to research different capabilities and technologies in the game. Without researching, the game is much harder, and this is because of the fact that things are less efficient. You can access the research tree at any time by scrolling to the top of the screen and left clicking the research bar.

This will bring up the following screen:

Once you are here, you will find several items, these are items that you can currently research. You must research some of the available items here before you can research anything else, however, you can view what is available to research by left clicking the "All Research" icon underneath what Denarii you have available.

From this screen, you can also semi-automate research; you can select something that is completely right, for example, Poetry. This will research everything before this technology, and then the technology you have chosen to research. When researching technologies, you can view the progress by viewing the green line in the research bar. Also present in the research bar is what is currently being researched. The example below being "Bronze Working".

Below, are all the items of research in CivCity Rome, along with descriptions, the amount of Denarii to research it and what it unlocks.

Research Cost (in Denarii) Result
Alphabet 100 Research is 10% faster.
Medicine 250 Doctors have a quicker turn around time.
Surgery 250 Hospitals have a quicker turn around time.
Anesthetics 750 5 point boost to the cities' Civic Services rating.
Basic Education 250 Research is 20% faster.
Books 500 Schools and Libraries hold up to 8 students each.
Plays 750 5 point boost to the Cities' Entertainment rating.
Poetry 1000 Allows the player to build The Great Library.
Further Education 500 Research is 30% faster.
Musical Education 750 5 point boost to cities' Entertainment rating.
Mysticism 25 +10 temporary boost to city happiness.
Religion 250 Temple access quicker.
Marriage 500 +1 permanent boost to city happiness.
Divination 1000 Allows building the Pantheon wonder.
Ceremonial Burial 750 5 point boost to cities' Religious rating.
Philosophy 50 +10 boost to city happiness.
Code of laws 300 +1 permanent boost to city happiness.
Collective Government 500 5 point boost to Cities' Civic Services rating.
Republic 500 +1 permanent boost to city happiness.
Civil Service 500 5 point boost to cities' Civil Services rating.
Imperial Rule 1000 Allows building the Trajans Column wonder.
Mathematics 100 Tax revenues up 10%.
Engineering 250 Roads upgraded to smooth roads: 10% quicker.
Surveying 500 All build costs reduced by 10%.
Architecture 1000 Allows building the Coliseum wonder.
The Wheel 500 Roads upgraded to highways: 20% quicker.
Chariots 250 Chariot teams trained 100% quicker .
Public Spectacles 1000 Allows building the Circus Maximus wonder.
Sanitation 100 Street Cleaners are more efficient.
Hypocaust 250 Baths and Spas ahve a quicker turnaround.
The Razor 250 All barber needs are reduced to 50%.
Masonary 50 Piazzas build for free.
Mosaic Working 500 Aqueducts and Cisterns build for free.
Concrete 250 Roads build for free.
Coinage 200 Tax revenues up 20%.
Banking 300 Tax revenues up 30%.
Free Enterprise 500 Trade revenue up 10%.
Animal Husbandry 250 Butchers yield 50% more meat.
Agriculture 250 All farm output increased by 10%.
Plough 250 All farm output increased by 20%.
Irrigation 250 All farm output increased by 30%.
Winemaking 250 Wine output increased by 30%.
Baking 250 Bakery output increased by 30%.
Weaving 250 Weavers output increased 100%.
Dressmaking 100 All dress needs reduced to 50%.
Gardening 500 Gardens build for free.
Floristry 100 All floristry needs reduced by 50%.
Exploration 100 10 point boost to the cities' Empire rating.
Fishing 100 Fishing Jetty output increased by 10%.
Salting Process 200 Fishing Jetty output increased by 30%.
Sundial 100 Trade routes cost 25% less.
Astronomy 250 Land trade 50% faster.
Cartography 100 Trade routes cost 50% less.
Rope Making 250 Ships loaded and unloaded 100% faster.
Ship's Keel 250 Ship speed 50% faster.
Double Skinned Hull 250 Ship speed 100% faster.
The Anchor 1000 Allows building the Great Lighthouse wonder.
Tool Making 200 Wood output increased 20%.
Mining 200 Stone output increased 20%.
Iron Working 300 Iron output up 20%.
Charcoal 300 Weapon workshops output increased 100%.
Bronze Working 500 Soldiers have 25% combat boost.
Lead Working 750 Aqueducts have city-wide coverage.
Quarrying 200 Stone output up 20%.
Marble working 300 Marble output up 20%.
Fine Art 1000 Allows building the Obelisk wonder.
Forestry 100 Wood output up 20%.
Carpentry 250 Carpenter's output is increased by 100%.
Cabinet Making 250 Cabinet output is increased 100%.
Pottery 200 Well water needs are reduced by 50%.
Terracotta 200 All temples 50% cheaper.
Glassworking 100 Glassware needs are reduced to 50%.