Evil - Transylvania

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 2 mins

By Charles of Tours

• Win: Kill the 3 Warlords
• Lose: Vlad dies

Starting Resources: 300 Honor, 1000 gold, 20 meat, 20 cheese, 20 apples, 10 bread, 15 bows, 20 crossbows, 20 leather armor, 5 swords, 5 metal armor, 200 wood, 80 stone, 20 iron

New Buildings: Sorceror's Tower, Dragon Harpoon, Killing Pit, Carter's Post, Hops farm, Brewery, Inn, Blacksmith, Tanner, Armorer

New Troops: Crossbowmen, Macemen, Pikemen, Swordsmen, Catapults, Demon, Hellhound, Vampire, Saxon, Giant bat


This is a fairly easy mission and probably doesn't need a guide.

The design on this map is interesting, to say the least. Vlad's gone wholly evil now, and it's your job to spread the Darkness!

Your stockpile should be put between the stone and iron, put a pantry and armory near it. Then place a granary near the statues:

Right away, we notice we have a thick wall and most of our troops facing the two enemy lords. You don't need to be a fan of conservative economics to not want to build the wall facing the secluded lord, so we'll target him first.

Delete the starting wall to the south, as the cornered castle will launch rocks at it, and you can use the stone. Move your troops outside the northern wall inside, and send your werewolves and a vampire to the southern pass to the alone lord.
Send a sole wolfman forward to trigger the log trap, and then send the vampire up to the tower with multiple archers who will easily kill the mounted catapult. Then have him capture the gatehouse so the wolfmen can rush in and kill the lord. He will summon several Valkyrie, but it should be an easy victory still.

One down, three to go. You should still have some food if you didn't build much. Place down a few chicken farms, woodcutters and hovels. Sell your iron, then amass all your starting troops in preparation to kill the northwest lord.
Send a vampire to capture the gatehouse and a bat to kill the archer. Now, rush in all of your non-vampire melee troops to kill the lord. Same story as last time.

One enemy left. You may want to purchase a number of werewolves before proceeding. The enemy to the northeast will require some manoeuvring to kill. Have your troops hug the cliff to his south until you get directly across from the gatehouse. Send a vampire up to capture it, and rush the lord with melee troops yet again.

Victory - time for a defense mission!

You can find a saved game for this mission available here in our downloads section.