Ice - Janibus

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 3 mins

By Lord_Chris

• Win: Kill Janibus
• Lose: Dietrich Dies
• Lose: Hildebrand Dies

Available Troops: None
Available Buildings: None
Number of starting Troops: 13 Men-At-Arms, 13 Swordsmen, 30 Pikemen, 33 Crossbowmen, 40 Archers, 1 Frost Giant, 4 Polar Bears, 12 Shield Maidens Ice Queen, Dietrich, Hildebrand

This is probably the hardest mission in the Ice campaign. Your troops are very limited and no path (whichever you take) is easy. First off, send your crossbowmen forward to take out the patrolling hell hounds - it's pointless even thinking about sending hand-to-hand troops in when crossbowmen can destroy them in seconds. Second of all: there is no time limit. You can take as long as you need to complete the mission. It's better to take longer and have more troops at the end of it.

Once all the hell hounds have been killed, bring the rest of your army next to your crossbowmen. There are three routes. The left, middle and right. Anyone can see that the middle route is suicide, so avoid that at all costs. The left passage is easier, but has several dragons blocking your passage - however, these can be destroyed by your frost giant without losing many troops and your crossbowmen should be able to take care with the rest. And the third route is very close to both towers from the center route, so none are perfect. But from all of those routes, the left hand one is easier, so I'm going to continue this walkthrough for that route. But no matter which route you take, you'll get hit by the archers in a tower.

First, send your frost giant in to destroy the dragon to the left. After, rather than send your troops in to the tower to get slaughtered (which they will) just put up with your losses when going left. This is the better option because it's further away from the towers. Now you can lure the slow moving crossbowmen and saxon warriors by sending your archers ahead of their range. Make sure as always, you send crossbowmen in behind your archers so they can destroy them while they're moving towards your archers. You can also use this same tactic on all the other macemen in the area meaning your other units have less losses.

When they are dead, send your frost giant up to destroy the last small tower in your way. He will be attacked by a giant demonic bat, that's fine, nothing will happen. Once the tower is destroyed, pull the rest of your troops up to where the tower was - they're safe from both sides there; the central passage and the keep. Finally, after that you need to kill Janibus. The ending is easier than you think, he's not even in the keep! He is standing on the lookout tower of the far left of his keep. When sieging his castle, the first thing you need to do is send your polar bears and frost giant to attack his wall. These are basically the only ranged troops that can interfere, so by killing them you can get your other units in with more life.

Then send all your troops on a charge - less will be killed this way. Using your Ice Queen's "power of winter" special attack here will temporarily stop him from attacking your troops and allow them to get further on (as well as decrease some of his health). Once your troops get past, it's easily done - and guess what? That's the entire Ice Campaign done - two down, one to go!

The saved game of this final mission can be found here in our downloads section.