King Arthur - The Fall of the Round Table

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

Mission Objectives:

• Win: Reach Sir Lancelot.
• Lose: Gawain Dies.
• Lose: Arthur Dies.

Available Troops: None
Available Buildings: None
Number of starting Troops: 49 Crossbowmen, 37 Archers, 27 Pikemen, 21 Swordsmen, 12 Laddermen, 7 Manlets, 6 Catapults, 1 Cat, 1 Battering Ram

You must lay siege to Lancelot's castle. To begin with, move all your troops to the right next to the bottom of the hill. Wait for the macemen to come back, and then eliminate them with your crossbowmen. Next, send your archers on the top of the hill to kill the archers on the right side if the wall. Once they're dead, send your armoured units as close to the wall as possible. Once they have arrived, send four or five laddermen in to the walls. Now you can bring your archers and crossbowmen onto the walls.

Now capture the gatehouse and allow your siege equipment access through to the second gate, making sure your armoured units go first. This time use your battering ram to destroy it. The final thing you need to do is reach Lancelot.

You can get your saved game at this link for The Fall of the Round Table.