King Arthur - Lancelot

  • Stronghold Legends Mission Walkthrough
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

• Win: Survive until Lancelot is fit to travel.
• Lose: Lancelot Dies.

Available Troops: Man-At-Arms, Archer, Crossbowman, Swordsman
Available Buildings: Barracks, Armoury, Hovel, Granary, Apple Farm, Stockpile, Wood Camp, Poleturner's Workshop, Wall, Staircase, Gatehouse, Stone Quarry, Ox Tether, Fletcher's Workshop, Engineer's Guild, Basic Tower, Engine Tower, Church, Dairy Farm, Chandler's Workshop, Market, Oil Tipper, Chicken Farm, Iron Mine, Blacksmith's Workshop, Armourer's Workshop, Tanner's Workshop
Number of Starting Troops: 21 Archers, 3 Swordsmen

This mission is most certainly not going to be as easy as the previous two. You can recruit Men-At-Arms and Archers, but they are useless without the aid of swordsmen because of the use of vampiric creepers; one of the only units which will attack you in this mission. They will climb up on your castle walls, and without the help of your swordsmen, they will convert your archers and Men-At-Arms into enemy soldiers.

Start by placing three iron mines and two ox tether. You can use the rest of the wood to place food buildings, hovels and a wood camp to provide you with more wood. Move one swordsman to the gatehouse as that is where the first vampiric creeper will attack. They will constantly come, so you need to get an industry up as soon as possible. Swordsmen are the only way, so you need wood to build the workshops and iron for their armour.

There are also several saxon invasions, and you can't buy weapons so they all have to be made. Once you have placed the barracks, then you will have a few weapons already placed - but not many so you need to make them fast. Especially if your troops are converted. Try to keep the archers grouped together, close to your swordsmen to avoid this.

You don't need to do well, you just need to defend your walls - providing any troops converted can be replaced you will do fine. Eventually, Lancelot will recover and you will win after holding off several invasions.

You can click here for a saved game of this mission in the downloads section.