War | Chapter 10 - Siege of the Abbey

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

Stronghold 2: Path of War, Lost King Campaign
Played with version 1.3.1. Walkthrough by HicRic and LordBritian

Chapter 10: Siege of the Abbey
• Main Objective: Kill Lady Seren
• Starting troops: 12 Archers, 21 Spearmen, 10 Laddermen, 10 Macemen, 20 Pikemen, 25 Swordsmen, and your Lord

Start by gathering all melee troops (except your Lord) together in the "defensive knot" formation. Use the Lord as well, though keep a watch on his health. Keep the laddermen and archers behind and a little way back from them.

When the knights ride toward you, attack them with that defensive knot. Put your troops on aggressive and get as many people into melee combat with the knights as you can. It should be possible to kill all the knights and still have many men left by doing this. About 20 swordsmen, 10 spearmen, 20 pikemen and some macemen should have survived the knight assault.

Gather all your men up to place the cliff between them and the castle. Seperate them into groups of laddermen, of archer, spearmen and macement and a third group of swordsmen and pikemen.

Send the archers, and surviving macemen and spearmen at the castle wall. Send them around the cliff and straight up to the wall, aiming to have some troops go to the third-from-right rolling logs, and some to the fourth-from-right rolling logs. They will all die, but the object is to make both sets of logs on the wall activate, and also clear out as many pitch ditches and man traps as possible. See picture for which two rolling logs needs to be set off.

Next, send your swordsmen and pikemen at the wall with the spent rolling logs. They are slow and need a long head start in front of the laddermen. This group should continue to set off pitch ditchs and other traps. When the armoured men are near the wall, send the speady laddermen up through this mostly-cleared path and put their ladders against the wall where the rolling log traps were. Have your pikemen and swordsmen climb these ladders onto the wall. They should take minimal casulties from remaining traps, if the trap-fodder did their job. The laddermen are the key to this mission, so protect them well, and only send them if after many traps have been sprung.

Walk right along the wall, removing defenders in your path. Go down the stairs and order your troops to stand close to the campfire to avoid the nearby pitch traps. Kill the last defenders that are there, climb the keep and defeat Lady Seren. It's possible to have around 20 swordsmen and 12 pikemen left to do this last task. When she is dead, the chapter is complete.