US Model 42 .45 Caliber Sub-Machine Gun

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Produced by The United Defense Manufacturing Company, The Model 42 was envisioned as a suitable replacement for the aging Thompson Sub-Machine Gun (in use by American Military and Law Enforcement Agencies since the 1920s). First deployed in 1942, The M42 was chambered for both the .45 Caliber and 19mm Parabellum Rounds. Weighing 10-pounds, The M42 featured an 11-inch barrel and could fire up to 700-rpm. It was capable of supporting a 25-round clip or drum ammunition clip/box. Accurate up to 100-yards, over 15,000 were produced and were initially deployed with Elite Forces such as American Airborne and Commando Units. The M42 was favored by Agents of The Office of Strategic Services (OSS). The M42 was also a popular “air drop” weapon – used behind German Lines by Free French Resistance Fighter up to the War’s end in 1945.