English Company of Shot and Pike Banner

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By Crusader1307

For as many Parliamentarian and Royalist Forces that fought in The First and Second English Civil War, many Volunteer and Mercenary Units also participated. One was the famed “Company of Pike and Shot”. Formed in the 1640s from Veterans of The First Civil War, they sold their expertise to first The Parliamentarians and later Royalist Forces. They were known as “The Lucky Dogs”. Originally armed with Pike, as Firearms became the predominate battlefield weapon – they used both forms of weapons in battle. After The end of The Second Civil War, The Company went to fight in first Poland (fighting for The Country resisting Swedish incursion) and later “switching sides” and fighting foe Sweden. Their Banner was a Black Field with a White Heraldic Bend cutting through The Banner. The Upper Left Cannon was White with the Red Cross of St. George. The Bend featured the profile of the Head of a Canine (in reference to their nickname - “The Lucky Dogs”).