The Book of Thoth

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By Crusader1307

Although first becoming mentioned in Ancient Greek Texts from around the 3rd Century BC, The Egyptian ''Book of Thoth'' was rumored to be much older. ''Thoth'' was seen as The God of Knowledge Forbidden to Man''. Many cite that such a Books (or series of related books), are fictional or were used as allegory. However, it terms of some the the strange architecture methods and other archaeological finds relating to Ancient Egypt, one cannot be sure such a Book did not exists. ''Thoth Books'' were said to be placed with the Tombs of Ancient Kings, so they too would have access to such ''Forbidden Knowledge'' in The Afterlife. And while the previously discussed ''Book of The Dead'' is often used in works of Fiction as the principle means of ''resurrecting The Dead'', some say that it was actually The Book of Thoth that contained such knowledge.