The Book of The Dead

  • Funerary Customs & Traditions
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By Crusader1307

While The ''Book of The Dead'' is often a major plot source for countless Horror Movie with long dead Pharaohs returning as dusty, shrouded Mummies (resurrected of course by this tome) in reality ''The Book of The Dead'' was the final development in Ancient Egyptian Funerary Rites (following Coffin Texts). They appears in The New Kingdom Era of 1,550 BC. They would be used for close to 1,000 years. The ''Book'' was actually a series of prayer, rituals and instruction used by The Dead for their Afterlife functions. The Book also was used as a means of preparing The Dead for ''The Trip''. Often, such Books were custom made for each individual's need. It took many moths to compile a Book. They were placed on the Sarcophagus of Royalty during Rituals and were also present when embalming was performed (often taking many months to complete). Later, even The Poor and Middle Class began to emulate Royals and The Book. A lucrative industry developed in Egypt, where Books of varying quality were pre-made, with blanks left at key points of The Book (allowing for later insertion of the deceased name). This was assuming they could afford to purchase such. Despite the misconception, The ''Book of The Dead'' was not used as a ''Dark Grimoire'' to summon The Deceased from The Afterlife. Again, this was a construct of later Horror-Fiction Writers.