• Cryptids
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By Crusader1307

 From Guatemala, South America – comes the Legend of The Sisemites. These possible Cryptids  related (perhaps) to The North American ''Sasquatch'' and The Himalaya's ''Yeti''. But The Sisemite are seen as ''Demons'', possessed with ''human-like'' intellect. Tall and humanoid, The Sisemites are covered entirely in hair, save their abdomen, which is smooth and hairless. Often distended, they appear ''pregnant''. Females in the species are not present, which goes on with the legend. The Sisemites capture human females for the purpose of procreation. They drag them (supposedly) into the high mountains for ''the deed''. It is thought, that once the human female gives birth, she is killed (and possibly devoured). The resulting ''birth'' is a hybrid form of The Sisemite. In addition, they are known to be Protectors of Wildlife, often attacking and killing wayward Hunters in The Hills. No photographic evidence has been brought forward (yet).