Egyptian Demonology

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By Crusader1307

As we have discussed previously, The Ancient Egyptians believed their Gods controlled all facets of life and death (and all in between). But little was discussed on their views on Demons. Much like other Cultures, Demons too were known and accepted. However most Egyptian "Demons" were viewed as either Good nor Evil. They were seen as malevolent - "becoming" one or the other when provoked. Two types of Demons existed. The Guardian Demon and The Wanderer Demon. Both were without form, transforming into a form required for their particular need. Guardians were linked to locations - such as The Afterlife. They protected this realm from those Souls that were seen as unworthy. Wanderers were somewhat more aggressive. They initiated plagues, famines and a host of other aliments. They "wandered" The World bringing pestilence. Both forms of Demons were never human and may also "been" even before The Sun God Ra.