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A few problems

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Hi guys!

I'm new to the forum, and recently I've been having a few problems with Stronghold Legends.

1) Is there any way to import an old profile saved from my PC before I formatted everything?

I've formatted my PC in which I was just a few missions away from the final achievement, and I'm unable to import it in the new game I just installed. I've saved a folder named Profiles, which contains a stats.dat file. No matter where I look, in my new Stronghold Legends folder there's no such thing as a Profiles folder. Does anybody know how this all works?

2) I own a physical copy of the game, is there any way to turn it into the Steam Version of it? For other games it worked by using the security code, but SHL doesn't have it. Anyone did it or do I have buy the other version?

Thanks in advance to anyone who'll answer.

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Hi, Dze!?


Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, I don't know much about Legends nor how it saves. What I do know is that it's very similar to Stronghold 2, which I do know a lot about! :D


Unfortunately again, I've never found a way to locate a save game file for Stronghold 2. Of course, you have your personal saves and maps, but in terms of campaign folder and so on, it isn't possible.


However, there seems to be hope for a profile folder being automatically created. Here's a quote from a troubleshooting page for the game:


There is a chance your Stronghold Legends user folder is corrupt. Locate your C:\Users\Username\Documents and rename your Stronghold Legends folder to "Stronghold Legends Old". ?When you next run the game a new Stronghold Legends profile folder will be created.


Let us know if you have any luck! :)



EDIT: Chris seems to know more on the subject than myself :P

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Hi @Dze, welcome to StrongholdNation!


Yes, this is possible. It's something that I've done before when I formatted my PC. First off, you need to head over to the C:\Users\\Documents\Stronghold Legends folder. In here you should find a folder called "Profiles", along with a very important file called profiles.dat. Inside this folder, you should find a sub-folder named as each of your Stronghold Legends Profiles which exist, or, if you have not specifically created a profile, there will be a single folder which exists entitled Default Profile.


To restore a profile, you need to copy any existing profile folders into the "Profiles" folder, overwriting them if they already exist, and also replace the profiles.dat file. Both these steps are very important as without them you will be unable to load your game progress and will have to start from scratch.


To backup a profile, I recommend taking a backup of the whole Stronghold Legends folder in my documents. This will also save all of your custom maps as well as your profiles, and, it will also save your graphics settings.


In regards to your second question, unfortunately it is not possible to port your game to the Steam library. You can however run the disk game through the Steam Client, but it is not possible to upgrade to the Steam version from the disk version. The ability to get the new version for free was restricted only to those users who already had the Stronghold Collection on Steam.


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I tried and it worked perfectly, thank you very much! Now off to finish the last two stages of the final Legends Trail.

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