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Grand Ages: Medieval

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Hey, guys! I just meant to say to check out this game - Grand Ages> Medieval. I have noticed it quite a while ago, but it is possible that somebody from here actually noticed it and told us about it. I don't know.


The game is a lot different from Stronghold. You don't run any micro-economy, you just build your cities across entire Europe, you can trade, care about diplomacy, wage wars to conquer cities... I have never player Civilization, but this one looks similar to me, but it suits me better - at least from what I was able to see from videos. Maybe the best would be to say that the game seem to be something in between Rise of Nations and Civilization. Oh, and yes, I'd say that it might be better if it had some random maps, and not just to play on one same map every time. I'm not sure if this is the case, but it seems to me like it is.


Now it is on sale, it's 75% off, so one can get it for 7.49 euro. I bought it for myself, even though I am unsure when I am going to be able to play it, but what the heck. :D


Check it out here.

Grand Ages: Medieval

There are several videos you may find in the description on the Steam Store page.

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