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Epic Stronghold 2 Video Serial

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I have decided to start a video serial with Stronghold 2 about the empire in Warhammer.

I have already brought up 2 apisodes in English and 4 in German (those will be the available languages)

I'm really sorry, but i lost some video segments for part 3 of the english version, but i'm going to upload part 4 really soon (english).


I'm using my own maps for this.


I'm trying to upload 1 video a week.


And i will put the links for the Playlists on youtube into my account.


But here you get the links already: English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzuM2N9ZlL4&list=PLHud5WtaMBcTEUgxQZfL6Jy9STVmUkufj


German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvmHr7iM_rU&list=PLHud5WtaMBcRpTbaMWDWJhHt8R4L9ZVd8


And beginning with ep 5 i will speak the Texts ;)



This serial plays? in the endtimes of Warhammer fantasy and in the first fewEpisodes the Imperial Troops had to face an Army of Traitors from Middenland which where attacking Nordland.


I hope, you will like this serial :)

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Nice videos, Tokamaps :)


I have only gotten familiar with the Warhammer lore recently, as CA brought out their new title Warhammer: Total War.

But it is a nice idea to make a video in that realm with Stronghold 2. I love how you have made the Griffon blazon for the shields of the Imperial troops.

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