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  1. Hey, it would be nice maybe wednesday evening.? If not, i still have 3 weeks no school.?
  2. Hi, ive read your pm Eagle prince.? Im having holydays right now which i'm spending on the Canarys.? I'm coming home late on tuesday ( 22:00 cet)? And on wednesday i have a to undergo a surgery.? Thursday next week would be my soonest time to do it.? Or Maybe wednesday evening.?
  3. Okay, thanks that really helps me out:)? I`ll be doing my best to get my entry on the road.?
  4. Do you mean The evil Campaign that comes with The game? I'm just asking because you mentioned it to be on one map.? And does it has to have the same setting as the original campaign or can it also be something different??
  5. Wasnt this challenge already in last week? I remembered seeing this Last monday on the? Forums, and started my entry for this. Maybe Lord_Chris did Posted the wrong Post First.
  6. Great :) you hear from me soon. It shouldnt be a problem to upload it.
  7. Im lucky that i got finished an entry. Sry, the "river" is more like a lake made of ocean. I had stucked on deleting the flowers i placed. I hope you still like it. the river village.zip
  8. Firefly studios posted to a comment under their englis announcmment video of the stronghold legends steam edition: I know, that comment is already two weeks ago,but i decided to post it here, because no one did it before. Because I'm not in the staff i couldnt post into the town crier.
  9. Hmm, I'm just designing the map for the fitht. Episode (it will be first ep. of chapter 2 )
  10. I have decided to start a video serial with Stronghold 2 about the empire in Warhammer. I have already brought up 2 apisodes in English and 4 in German (those will be the available languages) I'm really sorry, but i lost some video segments for part 3 of the english version, but i'm going to upload part 4 really soon (english). I'm using my own maps for this. I'm trying to upload 1 video a week. And i will put the links for the Playlists on youtube into my account. But here you get the links already: English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzuM2N9ZlL4&list=PLHud5WtaMBcTEUgxQZfL6Jy9STVmUkufj German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvmHr7iM_rU&list=PLHud5WtaMBcRpTbaMWDWJhHt8R4L9ZVd8 And beginning with ep 5 i will speak the Texts ;) This serial plays? in the endtimes of Warhammer fantasy and in the first fewEpisodes the Imperial Troops had to face an Army of Traitors from Middenland which where attacking Nordland. I hope, you will like this serial :)
  11. I'm really sad, that i could'nt make this. but it was an really good challenge idea, by now my personal favourite. I'm just hoping that this motivates me, making a map like that of osgiliath. I'm looking forward, to some similar challenges in the future.
  12. Hi, i would like to take place. I do have a 4 players capture the flag map. its still undesinged, but i'm sure, the next time we play this, it will be finished. I have time at the Date Nigel has in the Topics text.
  13. I'm really looking forward, on seeing how the next few rounds go ;)
  14. I will create One, but it wouldnt be desinged. Yes, i would Like to join your match :) Thx Crusader for your positive Statement :)
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