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Solution to problem "no picture, but sound on"

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I have noticed this problem with Stronghold Crusader Extreme HD (same applies to Stronghold HD and Stronghold Crusader HD), and I managed to solve the issue. Luckily I had two PC's, and on one of them I didn't have this issue.



If you have a graphic card which allows you to have larger resolution than your monitor does, you will have a problem - you will hear the sound, but you will only see the black screen. In my case I was able to see the black screen and a message from my monitor which said "out of range". I assume that this meant that resolution got set to higher than my monitor could display.


SOLUTION: I downloads Crusader and Crusader Extreme on another computer which doesn't have this issue. It also set resolution to highest possible, but not too high like it was the case on the first PC. Then I changed the resolution to 1024x768, I let Steam upload the new settings to the cloud, and then I ran the game from my first PC. It downloaded the new settings from the cloud, and everything worked well then.

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