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Mathew Steel

Future Technology!

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Today I had one of my crazy thoughts and it was to do with how technology has advanced, even since I was born. From Atari to Xbox/PS, from Crusader to Crusader II. Much has changed over such a short period of time. It makes me wonder how much it will advance in the future and what new technology will be available.


What are your thoughts on the way technology has advanced? Is it good or is it bad?


The one thing that crosses my mind is, will I be able to say the same thing to my children, that I'm sure every parent has said to theirs at some point in time, which is "we never had that when I was your age."

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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Having been born in the early 60s, I can say I have seen technology JUMP from sci-fi to sci-fact. I really miss my old typewriter! Technology is good until Man surpasses his need to use his hands!

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Everything is made possible through science, will it ultimately be our undoing, who knows! Overall I feel positive about future breakthroughs, especially in the medical arena and efficient transport. I found this article on 2015 tech trends to be worth a look www.frogdesign.com/techtrends2015/


For science, you monster.

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well lets not let this topic die (typed this once but didn't submit dam it)

Well there many different techs that can be improved but the one I would like to see is more in-depth virtual reality to a more advance scale where it goes beyond the 2 senses sight and and hearing to the other senses like the in the anime sword arts online (probably no one here seen it but oh well) it will make more games and worlds more dynamic and interesting.


as for other tech there is so much that we can progress in such as in medical and more advance space travel its just waiting to be discovered or invented it just when and by who.


I just hope all this happens in my lifetime if lucky but who knows progression can dramatically speed up or slow down to an halt but lets just hope its momentum speeds up we may see some fascinating things

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