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So, Stronghold 3 DOES have fog of war!

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I decided to write few interesting things about this game. I have recently bought it, and after playing it for a while I can say that my impression is that I believe Stronghold 3's reputation is not entirely justified. I agree, it does have some bugs, such as your or enemy soldiers being stuck at some places, but there are similar things in Crusader 1 as well! We all know how it can happen pretty often for our archers in Crusader 1 to get stuck at one peace of crenelation of the wall, after what we would need to remove the crenelation to free the unlucky archer.


So, back to my point. :) I was playing those economy and military campaigns - the economic campaign I won with no difficulties, while if you ask me about military campaigns, I'm still fighting my battles there. Right now I am trying to win mission 8: The Sultan mission - it is a tricky one, and one can really easily lose all of his men under those walls. Before that mission, while I was fighting mission 7 Rat in the Night, I did see something that really surprised me! Stronghold 3 DOES have fog of the war that many players were asking about. The thing is that if you set it to night, than you can see only what is near your buildings and near your men. Besides that, you can put some hay bale throwers on your engine towers, and they can be used so you could see what is happening around your castle - you are able to aim with those wherever you want, but within their range, and this way you can set light to area you want.


This is one screenshot. :) By the way, it is a pity that Firefly gave up those engine towers, they would be way better in Crusader 2 than those wooden structures.




ADDITION: Right now I am assuming that it should be possible to make scenarios within which one would have to fight during the night, which you make a lot of that way harder. Is that possible? Also, I am almost sure that it is not possible to change the time of the day in multiplayer lobby, so, could that be possible in map editor - if it is possible, that one should be able to make a multiplayer map with fog of war as well (it would be night on the map)?

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