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Some Map Editor tips.

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1-For all player estates (both human and AI) you need to place a Spawn point, done by using the "Create Spawn Point" button in the Factions tab. Make sure you have selected the correct estate when creating the spawn point.



2-Do not place keeps on the map. These are used for creating scripted/campaign maps rather than skirmish missions.



3-When creating the spawn point, you will see a square around the spawn point icon on the map. This square needs to be white to ensure that the AI will have enough available space to build a castle. You can scroll through different castle sizes using the mouse wheel. The largest white square you can place (the largest square which is white, rather than black) will determine the largest possible castle size the AI can build within the available space.


If you have tips to you can post theme here.

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That will definitely help, I was just about to play around with the spawn point.


The map I made has 4 estates and 2 village estates and I did place keeps for all of them and it seamed wrong when testing the map, does that improve the invasions with a war scenario?


So the spawn point is where the keep will be placed, now that makes more sense!


Edit- I put in the spawn points and now the AI works properly, but I do have a new problem, I put spawn points into the villages as well, and now I get a 6 player map that you can place yourself into the village, but you can't do anything, I can't find a way to remove the spawn points from the villages, anyone know how?

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On the bar above the map is the move, rotate and scale buttons, these are used to move certain things like trees shrubs rocks troops buildings ect.


I found if you click on the object you want to move in the tool tray, then click the map and make a small box around the object you want to move it will give you a tool, this tool has 3 arrows and a box, the arrows can be held with the mouse and moves the object left and right north and south and up and down with each color, to remove the tool hold the shift key and make a box on the ground and release the mouse button, do it twice to clear the tool off of the map, you can use the same tool to rotate and adjust the size if objects.


An example, I had some archers on towers and wanted to remove them, I used the tool to move the archers off of the towers and then deleted them, another is some trees that got placed in the water, I used the tool to move the trees back up on the land.


Play around with it and if you have problems ask and if you find more please let us all know!

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