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Lord Vetka

Contest Anyone?

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Baker Man - Contest Map



Welcome to the Baker Man contest, please enjoy!



A simple map, make some bread, to start you have no gold, you do have a few troops to deal with the lions in the woods, and the woods are a few trees, but you can buy wood and weapons for more lions that will come in for a visit, enough farm land for some hops and enough wheat farms to get you a large amount of bread, you will need more than one granary, Fire! wood buildings and a desert, hmm, don't get burned!


I play tested this map again, 3 times just before posting, the start was to hard so I made an adjustment and tested again and made over 1500 bread, I never used any of the extra tricks like good and bad things, I did leave room for much a higher score!


Map made with version 1.1


Rules, you have 10 years game time.


A valid entry must provide a start save and an end save. You can take your save a few months before your time runs out. October 1221 would be fine, I will run it to the end and give you the final score.


No changing the map or scripting in any way.


The contest will run from September 05 2014 until September 30 2014.


Send your start and end save to "lordvetka@stronghold-nation.com"


The prize for the high score will be- A Custom Title.


The contest is open to players and staff members who want to enter, the staff member rule will be overruled for this contest, I Lord Vetka am putting this contest together for strongholdnations and will be the only judge. So Please Enter!



By Lord Vetka

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So long as you put the bread in the granary for a great score, I don't care what you do with it! =)


I hope you do well!

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What I meant to ask is - do we need to produce as much bread as possible (in that case we wouldn't have to save that bread), or we need to gather the bread (in that case we would need to have as much bread as possible in our granaries). From your answer I did realize that it is the second case - we need to have the bread in the granary. :)

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And we have a winner!!!


Congratulations to EaglePrince with his impressive 3183 units of bread has the highest score.


EaglePrince, you can let me know what you would like to have for a custom title and I will get it changed for you.



Thank You everyone for entering this little contest, hopefully we will have another soon.

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Congratulations @EaglePrince! A much deserved win.


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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