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Stronghold Europe section

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I have noticed that you have created Stronghold Europe section. That's great guys, thanks!


By the way, I do have only one suggestion. Can that section be renamed to "Stronghold Europe maps"? The reason for this is because I don't believe there will be too many maps, so we don't need any more categories (we don't need Stronghold Europe invasion maps for example - they can be submitted together with skirmish maps), and also, all other files for Stronghold Europe would work for Stronghold Crusader as well (such as faces, castle modifications etc...).

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We would have to move all files into another category to edit the category name, then change them all back to the Europe category. I'm currently attempting to add an easier way in, but it's not at the top of the priority list yet I'm afraid so currently, it would take too long.


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